Dreamlight Valley Changing Clothes Not Working : Solved

by Narendra

Dreamlight Valley Changing Clothes Not Working: If you can’t change clothes in Disney Dreamlight Valley and can’t finish the Scrooge McDuck t-shirt quest, there might be a way to fix it. Disney’s Animal Crossing-like adventure lets players explore the different worlds of well-known Disney and Pixar characters in a unique way.

You will be asked to do different quests for them that have to do with friendship. But one Scrooge McDuck quest requires you to switch to a different t-shirt, which doesn’t stick.

In this guide, we show you a few ways to fix the bug that makes it hard to change clothes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Dreamlight Valley Changing Clothes Not Working

You can now get early access to Disney Dreamlight Valley. Since EA’s job is to find and fix problems, this often leads to bugs and glitches that can’t be avoided.

Players can’t move forward on a certain quest right now because of a major bug. In other words, this bug makes it impossible to finish a certain quest for Scrooge. He gives you a T-shirt to put on, but you can’t because the clothes don’t stick.

Even though this is a bug, people have found a few ways to get around it until it’s fixed. One player says that one possible solution is to not wear a jacket.

Go to your closet and uncheck the coat to do this. On the Steam forums, there is even an official answer from the developers, which goes by the name “rachel.GL.” This is what they say the answer is:

“Before trying to change your shirt into the Scrooge quest one, make sure to take off any full-body clothing (dresses, overalls, etc.) and any Jackets/Sweaters that might cover it up,” rachel.GL wrote.

Keep in mind, though, that this solution doesn’t work for all players. For some, it has fixed the problem. It’s not going to work perfectly, but that’s what we have right now.

Still, Steam user CoolMoon came up with another idea that supposedly fixes the problem. They say that you can wear the shirt and do the first Scrooge McDuck quest if you change your gender.