Dratini Community Day Classic Release Date & Time With Rewards

by Rajitha Reddy

Dratini Community Day Classic Release Date & Time With Rewards: We’ll show you everything you need to know about the event. We’ll talk about when the event starts and ends, as well as what bonuses and rewards you can expect. Oh, and you can learn a special move.

Dratini Community Day Classic in Pokemon GO Release Date & Time

The Dratini Community Day Classic event will be available in Pokemon GO on November 5 at 2 PM local time. It will end the same day at 5 PM where you live.

So, Dratini is going to be the star of the show for three hours. It will appear in the wild more often, and you’ll have a better chance of finding a shiny one.

Now, a regular Community Day is not the same as the Community Day Classic. This is bad news because it means you won’t get all of the bonuses and rewards.

We’ll talk about that in a moment. But it will be worth your time to take part. Dragonite will know the Draco Meteor Charged Attack if you evolve a Dragonair into one during the event or up to two hours after it ends.

Dratini Community Day Classic in Pokemon GO Rewards

The full list of bonuses and rewards you can get during the Dratini Community Day Classic in Pokemon GO has not been announced yet. This is always the case with these kinds of events.

The people who made the game want you to find out some things on your own. So, here are the event bonuses, which have been listed in the official post:

  1. Catch Triple Stardust
  2. When lures are set off during the event, they stay set for three hours.
  3. Incenses set off during the event last for three hours.
  4. Take a few pictures on Community Day to find out something interesting.
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As for rewards, you’ll probably have some Field Research tasks that involve catching Dratini and give you some items you can use. There is also the Special Research Story, which is only available at the event and costs a dollar. It has extra tasks that lead to different rewards.