Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime Release Date and Time ?

by Ekta

Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime Release Date and Time ? The Dragon Ball series has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with its epic battles, unforgettable characters, and thrilling adventures.

For years, fans have dreamed of new stories and adventures in the Dragon Ball universe, and now, one fan’s dream is becoming a reality. In this guide, we’ll explore the upcoming Dragon Ball Kakumei anime adaptation, its release date, and what fans can expect from this exciting project.

The world of Dragon Ball has seen numerous anime adaptations, movies, and spin-offs. It’s a franchise that continues to evolve, keeping fans engaged and hungry for more. Dragon Ball Kakumei, which translates to “Dragon Ball Revolution,” is a fan-made project that has garnered significant attention within the Dragon Ball community.

Dragon Ball Kakumei Creator’s Vision

At the heart of the Dragon Ball Kakumei project is its creator, Reenko. This dedicated fan of the series had a vision for a new story set in the Dragon Ball universe, and that vision has taken the form of a doujinshi, or fan-created work.

The doujinshi explores events that occur after the Tournament of Power, delving into the relationship between Goku and Beerus, the God of Destruction.

Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime Release Date and Time ?

Now, the burning question on every fan’s mind is: when can we expect to see the Dragon Ball Kakumei anime? While there isn’t an official release date yet, there’s promising news.

According to Reenko, the first episode of the Dragon Ball Kakumei anime is currently in the works and is planned for release near the end of 2023. While this date is subject to change, it’s a significant step forward for this fan-driven project.

The Dragon Ball Kakumei anime will follow the plot of the doujinshi, which means it will pick up where the Tournament of Power left off.

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The story revolves around the consequences of Universe 7’s victory in the tournament and Android 17’s use of the Dragon Balls to make a wish. This wish sets in motion a series of events that will change the course of the Dragon Ball universe.

Dragon Ball Kakumei Anime Adaptation

What’s especially exciting for Dragon Ball fans is that the Dragon Ball Kakumei doujinshi is being adapted into an anime. This is a dream come true for many who have longed to see new Dragon Ball content outside of the official canon.

However, it’s important to understand that this anime adaptation is unique in several ways:

Unlike traditional anime productions involving large studios and teams of animators, the Dragon Ball Kakumei anime is a solo project undertaken by the artist known as Poisson Labo. This experimental approach is both daring and innovative.

The Dragon Ball Kakumei anime is not your typical Dragon Ball production. It’s considered experimental, and its creators are taking artistic liberties to bring the doujinshi to life. This means that fans can expect a different style and tone compared to the official Dragon Ball series.

Dragon Ball Kakumei Character Designs and Animation

One aspect of the Dragon Ball Kakumei anime that has generated discussion among fans is the character designs. These designs are heavily influenced by the work of Shintani, the original Character Designer of the Dragon Ball Super Broly film.

While some fans may have concerns about the character designs not matching the manga, it’s essential to consider the unique challenges of animation.

Achieving the intricate details found in manga in the world of animation can be a complex task, especially without the resources of a major animation studio.

Poisson Labo is taking on the animation for the first episode of Dragon Ball Kakumei, and the decisions regarding character designs and animation style may evolve based on fan feedback and reception.

Gateway for Emerging Talent

The Dragon Ball Kakumei anime represents more than just a fan’s dream brought to life. It’s also a testament to the power of fan creativity and the potential for emerging animators, artists, and producers to enter the world of commercial animation.

While this project may be experimental, it showcases the passion and dedication of fans who are eager to contribute to the Dragon Ball legacy.


The Dragon Ball Kakumei anime is a project born from a fan’s love for the series. It’s an exciting venture that offers a fresh perspective on the Dragon Ball universe.

While fans eagerly await the release of the first episode, it’s essential to approach this project with an open mind and appreciation for the dedication and creativity of its creators.

Dragon Ball Kakumei has the potential to be a unique addition to the Dragon Ball saga and a celebration of what fans can achieve when they come together to bring their dreams to life in the world of anime.

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