Dog Screwdriver Video Twitter Link Viral

by Rajitha Reddy

Dog Screwdriver Video Twitter Link Viral: People on Twitter and TikTok have experienced trauma after an old video of a dog being stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver showed up on their timelines.

A disturbing video of a cat in a blender has been going around on social media. That scared people on the internet, and the video of the hurt dog doing the same thing is doing the same thing now.

We have a lot of fun with dogs, cats, and almost all other animals. We almost always smile when we see our furry friends, whether we have one as a pet or just like to watch videos of them online.

Dog Screwdriver Video Twitter Viral

Some people’s actions hurt some of these animals, which is a sad fact about the world we live in. People on Twitter and TikTok are heartbroken after seeing the now-viral video.

Because Twitter and TikTok have strict rules against violent and bloody content, the video of the hurt dog is no longer on either platform.

In the video in question, the injured dog named Juice is being cared for by the vets. The dog is only eleven months old.

Some people thought that this was a new video, but it’s actually an old one that was shot almost a year ago by the Australian reality show Bondi Vet. There are 10 seasons of the popular show. It shows how veterinarians care for animals in the busiest veterinary clinic in Sydney, which is near Bondi Beach.

Bondi’s Facebook page had the story about the dog being stabbed in the eye with a screwdriver for the first time in July 2022.

Dog Screwdriver Video Twitter Link Viral

Blood is in Juice’s eye and on his collar when he is taken to the hospital. His worried owners told them that “cruel burglars” had hurt Juice with a screwdriver.

“He probably just walked up to them, jumped up, and started licking them. One of the dog’s owners says, “He’s so good.”

Dr. Laura Musgrove is taking care of Juice and getting him back on track.

Doctors found that the attack had hurt Juice’s retina and that the doggo’s eye was badly hurt. Then they say that it would be best to take out his eye.

In the end, Juice loses one eye, but his good mood is back to normal by the end.

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