Does WOW Presents Plus have a Free Trial? How to Get

by Narendra

Are you a fan of drag culture and reality competition shows? If so, you might be interested in WOW Presents Plus, a subscription-based streaming service owned by the production company World of Wonder.

It’s a platform that offers a treasure trove of original series and exclusive content, including the wildly popular show “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and its international versions. In this article, we will explore what makes WOW Presents Plus so special and whether it offers a free trial.

Does WOW Presents Plus have a Free Trial? How to Get : No, WOW Presents Plus doesn’t offer a free trial. You can subscribe with a monthly plan at $4.99 or a yearly plan at $49.99 to access its exclusive content.

What Makes WOW Presents Plus Special?

WOW Presents Plus is a go-to platform for fans of drag culture and reality competition shows. Founded in November 2017 by Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey, the service quickly became popular among drag enthusiasts worldwide.

It boasts a diverse range of exclusive content, making it a premier destination for those interested in drag and LGBTQ+ culture. You can enjoy original series like “Painted with Raven” and “UNHhhh,” along with web series from WOW Presents’ YouTube channel, all in one convenient location.

Worldwide Availability, with Some Exceptions

WOW Presents Plus is accessible to fans around the world, but there are a few regions where it’s not available, such as Mainland China, Syria, North Korea, and Russia. However, for viewers outside of these regions, the service remains a fantastic platform to indulge in the vibrant world of drag entertainment.

Acclaim and Recognition

Due to its rich content library and focus on drag culture and “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” WOW Presents Plus has received praise from critics and fans alike. Business Insider even called it the “best streaming service for ‘Drag Race’ fans,” solidifying its position as a must-have platform for enthusiasts of the franchise.

No Free Trial on WOW Presents Plus

Unfortunately, WOW Presents Plus doesn’t offer a free trial. A free trial is when you can try out a service without paying for a short period. It’s sad news for people who are interested in trying out WOW Presents Plus before committing to a paid subscription. Free trials are a common marketing strategy used by many streaming services to attract potential subscribers and let them explore the platform’s offerings before making a decision. Without a free trial, some individuals might be hesitant to subscribe without knowing if the service aligns with their interests or if they’re not familiar with the shows it offers.

Subscription Plans for Your Entertainment

Despite the lack of a free trial, WOW Presents Plus offers two subscription plans to suit different preferences. The monthly plan costs $4.99 per month and is ideal for those who prefer a shorter commitment or want to test the service for a limited period. The yearly plan is priced at $49.99 per year, which provides a cost-effective option for users who plan to use WOW Presents Plus for an extended period. By choosing the yearly plan, subscribers essentially get two months of content for free.

Enjoy WOW Presents Plus Anywhere

WOW Presents Plus is a versatile streaming platform that supports various devices, including web browsers, iOS devices, Android devices, Android TV, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. Whether you’re at home or on the go, you can access the platform and enjoy its exclusive content with ease.

Exciting Content Lineup

WOW Presents Plus offers an impressive library of original series and documentaries, catering to diverse audiences interested in drag culture and LGBTQ+ entertainment. From behind-the-scenes looks at RuPaul’s Drag Race to international spin-offs, the platform provides an authentic and immersive drag entertainment experience.

Final Thoughts

While there’s no free trial on WOW Presents Plus, the platform’s exclusive content and dedicated fanbase make it an attractive option for drag culture and reality competition show enthusiasts. So, if you’re passionate about drag and looking for an exciting streaming experience, WOW Presents Plus might be the perfect platform for you!

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