Does Wednesday Addams Die In Wednesday?

by Narendra

Does Wednesday Addams Die In Wednesday? The TV show on Netflix On Wednesday, the main character, Wednesday Addams, is on the case. She is determined to figure out who is killing people at Nevermore Academy and in the town of Jericho, which is close by.

During the series, Wednesday’s investigations put her in a lot of danger on more than one occasion, and in some cases, she barely made it out alive.

Because of this, a lot of people are wondering if Wednesday Addams dies or not in the Netflix show.

Does Wednesday Addams Die In Wednesday?

No, Wednesday Addams doesn’t die in the Wednesday series.

It would be strange to kill off the show’s main character, Wednesday, but she is in a lot of danger during season 1 and comes very close to dying in episode 8.

At last, the bad guy who has been working behind the scenes to plan the Jericho killing spree is revealed to be Ms. Marilyn Thornhill, whose real name is actually Laurel Gates.

She wants to bring back Joseph Crackstone, who is her ancestor and the founder of Jericho. He is the worst enemy of Goody Addams, Wednesday’s ancestor.

Laurel’s plan works, and the resurrected Crackstone stabs Wednesday in the stomach, thinking she is Goody, then leaves her to bleed out and die.

It seems almost certain that Wednesday will die from her wounds, but just in the nick of time, Goody shows up and tells her that Wednesday’s necklace can be used to channel spirits, like herself.

Using the necklace lets Goody heal Wednesday’s wounds and save her, but it also means that Goody can no longer appear before Wednesday.

Wednesday Addams is in danger

Even in the first episode, Wednesday Addams is in danger, especially when she meets Rowan, who thinks that killing her will save Nevermore from destruction.

Wednesday is saved by the scary monster with bulging eyes called the Hyde. This is the same monster that has been killing people in Jericho.

Even though Wednesday wanted to leave Nevermore at first, the murderous monster caught her attention, and she has several dangerous encounters with it throughout the series.

On top of that, some of the people who live in Jericho don’t like the outcasts at Nevermore, which gets Wednesday into some trouble with them as well.

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