Does Warzone 2.0 Have Bots? Yes or No

by Narendra

Does Warzone 2.0 Have Bots? Warzone 2.0 is finally out on PC, current-gen consoles, and last-gen consoles, as well as all other major platforms. With the brand-new DMZ mode and a reworked version of the battle royale you already know and love, there’s plenty to do no matter what you want to do.

In DMZ, you fight against both human and computer-controlled opponents for loot and glory. But in the battle royale, it may not be clear if bots will also be allowed (and a tad controversial). Here’s a look at whether or not Warzone 2.0 has bots.

Does Warzone 2.0 Have Bots?

Does Warzone 2.0 Have Bots?

Even though it might make some of you sad, Warzone 2.0 does have bots in more than one form. Less controversially, bots are being added to the new Stronghold feature of BR maps.

Players will be able to take over bases full of AI for loot, and other players will be able to do the same and get more resources as a result. The controversial part of the game is that bots are placed at random on the map for players to kill and get free kills from.

The lack of a reward for killing these enemies is what makes this feature so controversial. Not so much in the actual in-game reward as in how good it makes you feel.

Most players find that bots are easy to beat, and even casual players can usually do it with just a few hits here and there. Even though killing real players still gives you a sense of accomplishment, killing bots can become more of a hassle than anything else.

If the shots aren’t stopped, they also give away a lot of important information to the other players. Even though some people might be fine with them being there, it’s hard not to see the problems.

But they are still in the game, so people who want to play Warzone 2.0 will have to deal with it.