Does Tyler Die In Wednesday?

by Rajitha Reddy

Does Tyler Die In Wednesday? In the Netflix show Wednesday, a strange monster is already killing people in the town of Jericho, which leads the main character, played by Jenna Ortega, to look into it.

Tyler Galpin, played by Hunter Doohan, is one of the first people she meets in the town. He quickly becomes a major character in the series because he is very interested in Wednesday and her investigation.

But what happens to Tyler during the Wednesday series? What role does he play in the mystery, and does he die at the end of episode 8?

Does Tyler Die In Wednesday?

No, Tyler doesn’t really die in Wednesday.

Tyler survives even though he was badly hurt in his fight with Enid’s werewolf. He is arrested for the brutal killing spree he went on as the Hyde.

In the last scene of episode 8, Tyler is shown being moved in a prison van with several guards. This shows what will happen to him.

But in the last shot of the episode and of the season as a whole, he changes back into his scary, eye-bulging Hyde form, ready to attack again.

Episode 8 Wednesday’s Final Fight

In episode 8, Wednesday and her classmates have to fight back against Laurel and the resurrected Joseph Crackstone, who are determined to destroy Nevermore and its students.

Wednesday is almost stopped by Tyler, who is patrolling the woods around the school, on her way to the final showdown. Tyler was about to kill Wednesday when Enid came to save the day.

Enid was looking for Wednesday when she turned into a werewolf and attacked Tyler’s Hyde just as he was about to strike.

After that, Enid’s werewolf and Tyler’s Hyde get into a brutal fight in which they hit each other with their claws, teeth, and other scary weapons.

Tyler’s father, Sheriff Galpin, comes to the scene and shoots at his own son to stop the Hyde from hurting anyone else.

In the end, Enid’s werewolf kills the Hyde, leaving Tyler’s father to hold his son’s bloody body.

While this was going on, Wednesday was able to get back to Nevermore and face Laurel and Crackstone with some of Nevermore’s students to stop them from destroying the school.

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