Does Thing Die In Wednesday?

by Narendra

Does Thing Die In Wednesday? Thing, a talking severed hand who hangs out with Wednesday Addams in the new Netflix show, might be the most strange member of the family, though.

Thing gets into all kinds of trouble throughout the show, but nothing is worse than when Wednesday goes back to her dorm room in episode 7 and finds it trashed and Thing stabbed and pinned to the wall.

She takes him to Uncle Fester for emergency care, which makes fans and Wednesday worry that he will die. But does Thing really die?

Does Thing Die In Wednesday?

No. Thing doesn’t die by the end of Wednesday, thank goodness.

Even so, it’s a very close call, since the events of episode 7 bring him very close to dying.

Does Thing Die In Wednesday?

When Wednesday gets back from her date with Tyler, she finds that her dorm room has been trashed and that Thing has been stabbed and pinned against the wall.

She rushes him to Uncle Fester, who is able to bring him back to life, but just barely.

Wednesday then stitches up his wound, giving him another ugly scar to add to the ones he already has. This shows that he has been in a lot of wars over the years.

Thing character played by In Wednesday ?

People could be forgiven for thinking that Thing is made with CGI, but in reality, the character is played by Victor Dorobantu’s hand.

Victor is a Romanian magician and illusionist from the city of Ploiesti who used his skills to act in Netflix’s Wednesday.

Victor has posted a lot of behind-the-scenes photos of his time playing Thing on his Instagram account. In some of them, he is wearing a cute blue suit that was cut out in post-production, leaving only his hand as Thing.

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