Does Kreese Die In Cobra Kai Season 5?

by Narendra

Does Kreese Die In Cobra Kai Season 5: Some people either love to hate or hate to love certain characters. Cobra Kai fans can be sure that John Kreese fits into either of these two groups.

With both old and new favorites, it’s been fun to watch the rivalry between the title dojo and Miyagi-Do over a number of seasons, as the characters’ complexities have become clear.

Does Kreese Die In Cobra Kai Season 5?

Since he was a special guest in the first season, Martin Kove has been playing the iconic role of John Kreese. In season 5, he faces his biggest battle to date. You might even wonder if he’s going to stick around for another season.

Does Kreese Die In Cobra Kai Season 5?

At the end of Cobra Kai season 5, Kreese doesn’t die, but he does fake his own death.

In the season 4 finale, Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) lied to Kreese and forced Stingray (Paul Walter Hauser) to say that Kreese was involved in a violent attack.

He was arrested, and in season 5, he spends time in prison for crimes he didn’t do. With his skills, he is able to protect himself from some of the attackers and bad guys who are also in jail with him.

But a number of other inmates keep stealing his Jello-O, which is a key part of Kreese’s plan to get out of jail after he realizes he won’t be able to get out legally any time soon.

In the last scene, an inmate stabs him, and blood starts pouring out of his chest. Officers rush to the scene, and he is taken away on a stretcher to get medical help.

But when a doctor looks at his wounds, the blood turns out to be just red Jell-O. Kreese faked the stabbing and quickly starts killing the officials who are keeping him from being free.

He gets away with the help of a stolen ID card, setting up a possible “on the run” storyline for season 6.

Is Cobra Kai coming back for a sixth season?

No, Netflix hasn’t said whether or not the show will get a sixth season yet.

Ralph Macchio (Daniel LaRusso) recently told Comic Book that they’ve already shot scenes for another season:

Many fans have probably been waiting for Johnny and Kreese to put their differences aside and work together to defeat an enemy.

During Johnny’s trip to the prison, it was clear that they still don’t like each other, so it’s unlikely. But it’s been shown over the years, even by Terry in season 4, that Kreese has a soft spot for Johnny. You could call it his weakness.

As things stand, Terry will be at the top of Kreese’s list of people to kill in a possible sixth season. If Terry and Kreese could find a common bad guy who needs to be stopped badly, they might find a way to work together.