Does Judy Die In Dead To Me Season 3?

by Narendra

Does Judy Die In Dead To Me Season 3? The end of Season 2 was a painful cliffhanger because Ben crashed into their car while drunk and then took off, leaving Jen’s future uncertain.

In the newly released third season, we find out that Jen’s injuries aren’t as bad as we thought, but it’s heartbreaking to learn that Judy has cancer.

Fans are worried about Judy because of the bad news, but will she die by the end of Dead to Me season 3?

Does Judy Die In Dead To Me Season 3?

Yes, Judy does die in the last episode of the third season of Dead to Me, but it doesn’t happen on screen.

Even though Judy has been getting treatment, it turns out that it wasn’t enough to fight the cancer, and she only has a few weeks left.

In the last episode of the season, Jen and Judy go on a much-needed vacation together after avoiding the police and FBI while they looked into Steve’s death.

The two plan to spend Judy’s last weeks at her and Steve’s beach house in Mexico, where they can enjoy the sun, sea, and sandy beaches.

But when Jen wakes up on the last day of the trip, she can’t find Judy anywhere.

It becomes clear that Judy has taken a boat out to sea to spend her last moments on the ocean, where she feels the most free, and to keep Jen from seeing her in pain as she nears death.

Jen Threatens To Cope With Judy’s Death

When Jen finds out that Judy is gone, she cries all the way home in Judy’s 1966 Mustang, the car that hit and ran Jen’s husband, Ted, and killed him in season 1.

Jen has one last imagined conversation with Judy, who is sitting in the passenger seat, before it is revealed that Jen is actually sharing the car with Sammy, the cat who lived at the beach house.

Jen wanted to stay in Mexico with Judy until the end, but her best friend told her to try to move on. She went to her son Henry’s dance recital and told Ben he is the father of her unborn child.

The third season does end on a dramatic note, though, as Jen gets ready to tell Ben that she was also to blame for Steve’s death.

Dead To Me is over after season 3, so we’ll never know what happened after that conversation.

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