Does Iván Die In Elite Season 6?

by Ami Dalsania

Does Iván Die In Elite Season 6? In the first few seconds of the first episode of the new season 6, Iván Carvalho is run over by a car, which is a hint that he might die.

Fans are worried about what will happen to Iván because of this, but will he die in Elite season 6? Who was driving the car that hit him?

Does Iván Die In Elite Season 6?

In the first few minutes of Elite season 6, we watch Iván as he walks out into the street and tries to stop a car that is coming.

Does Iván Die In Elite Season 6?

But the car swerves a few times before hitting him, knocking him to the ground and leaving a cut on his head that is dripping with blood.

The painful part is that the scene turns out to be a flash-forward to something that will happen later in the season. With each episode, more details about the event are slowly revealed.

Does Iván Die In Elite Season 6?

No, Elite season 6’s good news is that Iván doesn’t die. As the season goes on, little by little, we learn more about Iván’s health and the car accident.

Elite has always had a lot of relationship drama, and Iván and his boyfriend Patrick face a lot of problems this season.

In episode 7, they get into a fight, and Patrick storms off. Iván feels bad about it, so he tries to go find Patrick, but he falls out into the street and gets hit by a car.

Earlier in the season, there are flashes of the future that show more. For example, in episode 3, Patrick finds Iván on the street and takes care of him as ambulance sirens approach.

Episode 4 starts off with a funeral, which is very scary, but it turns out that this was just a distraction because the funeral was for Iván’s father, Cruz, who was killed by a group of homophobic football fans after he came out as gay.

In the next few episodes, we see Iván getting care in the hospital, and in episode 8, we find out that his health has stabilized and that he will live.

In the last few minutes of the season, Iván starts to wake up and whispers Patrick’s name as he starts to come to.

Who Was Driving The Car? In Elite Season 6?

Sara, a new character who appeared in season 6, was driving the car.

Throughout the season, however, Elite hints that several other characters could have been driving.

In episode 2, Ari walks away from the car that hit Iván. In episode 6, she burns the car to get rid of any evidence, but this is just a distraction, just like the funeral.

Episode 7 seems to prove that Mencia was the driver of the car because she wakes up behind the wheel after being given a drug at a club earlier in the episode.

At this point, she calls Ari, who helps her cover her tracks by setting fire to the car and agreeing to get their father, Benjamn Blanco, out of jail so they can run away and start a new life.

But in the last few seconds of the episode, we find out that Sara was the one who hit Iván with the car.

In season 6, Sara moves to Las Encinas, where she and her abusive boyfriend Ral are popular and influential.

Throughout the season, Mencia helped Sara deal with Ral’s abuse, and they became close as a result.

After Ral spikes Mencia, Sara tries to help her get home by driving the car that goes to Iván.

But she is a new driver, and when she stops to check on Mencia, who has passed out, she hits Iván as he leaves the club where they have been partying.

But instead of taking responsibility, Sara calls her boyfriend Ral, who helps set up the situation so it looks like Mencia was driving.

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