Does Instafest App Work With Apple Music?

by Narendra

Does Instafest App Work With Apple Music? The Instafest app uses your Spotify listening habits to make a poster for a festival lineup, with the headliners being the artists you listen to the most. Does the app work with Apple Music?

The Instafest app is the latest thing to go viral. Like Spotify Wrapped and the Spotify Pie Chart, it shows how you listen to music visually.

We look at the new trend and see if it works with Apple Music in this article.

Does Instafest App Work With Apple Music?

Apple Music doesn’t work with the Instafest app; it seems to only work with Spotify.

At the moment, the app can only be linked to Spotify to make a personalized festival poster, and there are no signs that Apple Music will be added.

What is Instafest app and how to use it

Instafest is an app that turns your most-played artists on Spotify into a poster for a festival line-up. The result is a beautifully designed picture of what your dream festival lineup would look like.

Anshay Saboo, a student at the University of Southern California, made the app. He also made The Grades App, which has been downloaded more than 200,000 times and helps high school students keep track of their grades and assignments.

Follow these easy steps to use the Instafest app:

Open a web browser and click HERE to go to the Instafest site.
Now, click the button that says “Sign in with Spotify.”

Even though Apple Music users can’t use the Instafest app, they can use Replay 22, which is similar to Spotify Wrapped, all year long.

Apple Music Replay lets you listen to songs again and shows how you listened to music throughout the year. It tells you about the artists, songs, and albums you listen to the most and lets you make a playlist of your most-played songs, which you can then share with your friends.

Your Apple Music listening history, the number of times you’ve played a song, artist, or album, and how long you’ve spent listening to it are all used to make the playlist and create listening stats that you can also look at.

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