Does Fedex Deliver On Mlk 2023?

by Ami Dalsania

Does Fedex Deliver On Mlk 2023? Martin Luther King Jr. Day honors the civil rights leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner, the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Four years later, he was killed.

The day of the holiday this year is Monday, January 16. It’s a federal holiday, so government offices, banks, and a lot of business offices will be closed.

Does FedEx make deliveries on Saturday and Sunday? Yes, FedEx Home Delivery is a delivery service that works every day, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Most homes can get deliveries on the weekends. Look at the maps for our FedEx Ground and Home Delivery services to see what’s available.

Does Fedex Deliver On Mlk 2023?

Monday, the US Postal Service will be closed, so mail won’t be delivered as usual. United Parcel Service and FedEx will also be running, but FedEx Express and FedEx Ground Economy will have different services.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, all FedEx services will be open, but FedEx Express and FedEx SmartPost will have different hours.