Does Emancipation have post credit scene?

by Narendra

Does Emancipation have post credit scene? When you watch Emancipation, you start to wonder if Will Smith knew he was going to slap someone at the Oscars and need a prop to use on his apology tour a few months later.

It’s exactly the kind of movie you’d expect a star to make after embarrassing themselves in front of millions of people around the world. But if you want to win an Oscar, Emancipation is the kind of movie you make.

And that’s the worst thing about it. Every one of the movie’s 132 minutes feels like it was made in a secret government lab just to get Smith an Oscar.

This means that no one thought he would win for King Richard. Maybe Emancipation was an old favorite of his, which makes it even more of a cynical move. Now, he has the hard job of trying to convince everyone that his new prestige movie isn’t a $130 million B-movie for which he was paid the same amount as Ponniyin Selvan: I’s entire budget.

Does Emancipation have post credit scene?

You know the rules: every Action/Thriller movie has to have at least one extra scene for people who stay until the end of the credits.

But when it comes to the Emancipation movie there is chances of having post credit scene because of super fantastic scenes and confusions so yes, there is chances of having post credit scene.

The movie Emancipation is based on the gripping true story behind a photo of a slave’s escape from slavery taken in 1863. He was called “Whipped Peter” because his back was covered with horrible scars.

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The movie is about Peter, a slave played by Will Smith. He is taken from a plantation in Louisiana to help the Confederacy build railroad tracks.

The movie tells the story of Peter’s dangerous journey as he tries to escape and get back to his family. After Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, hundreds of thousands of Black people had to wait for the North to free them or take their freedom themselves.

In the movie, Peter and a few others try to get away, but Peter is being chased through the swamps by a cruel “manhunter” named Jim Fassel. On his way to freedom, Peter runs into leeches and an alligator. Peter also meets Andrew Cailloux, played by Mustafa Shakir, and joins his group of Black Union soldiers.