Does Easter Sunday have post credit scene?

by Narendra

Does Easter Sunday have post credit scene: “Easter Sunday,” which comes out on August 5, is a dream come true for Jo Koy in more ways than one.

Jo Koy’s stand-up shows about his family and Filipino culture have been selling out arenas all over the country for years. He has always wanted to make that story into a movie, but his ideas were often turned down. What was their point? The story wasn’t easy enough to understand.

That was until Steven Spielberg saw his 2019 comedy special “Comin’ in Hot,” and Amblin Partners made a deal with Koy to have him star in the feature film. The whole cast of “Easter Sunday” is Filipino, which is a first for Hollywood.

Does Easter Sunday have post credit scene?

Koy calls the movie a “love letter” to the Filipino community and says, “It’s our time.” Below, Koy talks to Variety about the part of the movie that made him cry and why representation is so important.

Easter Sunday Trailer reaction

We couldn’t stop refreshing it with my son. We’d watch the trailer and then wait for about 10 minutes. Every five minutes, 150,000 people would watch it. It finally reached 15 million, and I told Jesus, “Thank you.” I’ve been telling people for years that they should watch this and that they’ll love it. If you could just try, that would be great.

Does Easter Sunday have post credit scene?

Popularity of end-credits scenes in Easter Sunday is mystery the movie shows part that is unclear. Easter Sunday have a post credit scene in Mid part.

In this love letter to his Filipino-American community, stand-up comedian Jo Koy plays a man who goes home for Easter to spend time with his loud, fighting, eating, drinking, laughing, and loving family.

Jo Koy, a comedian, has moved from the stage to the big screen. He is the star of the new comedy movie Easter Sunday, and it’s about time. It’s about a Filipino family who gets together on Easter Sunday to celebrate. It was both inspired by and based on his life and stand-up.