Does Clerks III have post credit scene?

by Narendra

Does Clerks III have post credit scene: In CLERKS III, Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randall (Jeff Anderson) are well over 40 and have reopened the Quick Stop as co-owners and clerks. The video store next door is now a THC shop, and Jay (Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob run it (Kevin Smith).

Dante is sad about the death of his true love, Becky (Rosario Dawson), while Randall enjoys riding Elias (Trevor Fehrman), a new employee who used to work with them at Mooby’s. During an argument, Elias prays to God to hurt Randall, and lo and behold, Randall has a heart attack.

Randall decides to finally do something with his life after making a miraculous recovery. He decides to make a movie about the Quick Stop. But as the production goes on, egos clash and tempers flare, and things eventually come to a head.

Does Clerks III have post credit scene?

This threequel is written and directed by Smith, who is best known for his signature characters. He gives them more depth and gratitude, and even though goopy sensitivity isn’t his strong suit, the movie is still warm and funny.

In Clerks III, some of the most famous scenes from the first Clerks movie from 1994 are remade, with Silent Bob acting as the director of photography and explaining why the movie must be shot in black and white.

It’s hard to believe because the actors, who are all in their 50s in real life, couldn’t possibly be taken for their 20-year-old selves. It also helps to have seen Clerks II (2006), which was a lighter movie than this one and introduced Becky and Elias.

Weepy scenes like hospital scenes and visits to the grave are a little outside of Smith’s comfort zone, as shown by his famous Jersey Girl. They’re also dull, boring parts of a movie that seems to want to be funnier. But even though there aren’t as many laughs as in the first two movies, Clerks III seems like a real movie from Smith and not just a way to make money.

Does Clerks III have post credit scene?

You know the rules: most of comedy movie has to have at least one extra scene for people who stay until the end of the credits. But when it comes to Clerks III movie there is few chances of having post credit scene because of clerk scenes and confusions so yes, there is few chances of having post credit scene.