Do not Google this, Tiktok Urges People ‘not To Google’ Tiktok Trend

by Narendra

Do not Google this Tiktok Trend Explained: Creators on TikTok have been getting people interested by posting videos telling them not to look up certain words or phrases because of what they’ll find.

The internet can be a great place to find information, but sometimes you find a story or picture you wish you hadn’t seen. This is probably what will happen if people try to look up any of the things in “do not Google” videos.

People are often told not to Google the phrase “degloved face,” which has gotten a lot of attention from those who didn’t listen and looked it up online anyway.

Do not Google this Tiktok Trend Explained

“Do not Google this” is a TikTok trend that has been going on for months on the social media site.

Most of the time, the words or phrases in the videos are ones that the creator tells viewers not to Google because of what they might find. Most of the time, they involve scary movies, scary pictures, or scary stories from the past. But most of the time, the videos don’t show the pictures or stories themselves.

“Degloved face” is one of the things that TikTok users have been told not to look up on Google. People who ignored the warning and looked up the phrase on Google have written about how scared they were.

What Is A Degloved Face? Tiktok Trend

This is a very bad injury. Healthline says it happens when the top layers of skin and tissue are torn away from the muscle, connective tissue, or bone. Eek!

It usually happens in the leg, but it can happen anywhere on the body. Degloving can be life-threatening and needs emergency care right away to stop bleeding and stop infections.

The nature of the injury makes it clear that pictures of degloving are horrible and show a lot of blood. Even more so when it involves a face!

Degloved Face Tiktok Trend

Even though they were warned, some TikTok users searched for “degloved face,” and when they saw what they saw, they wished they hadn’t. Let’s face it, if you excuse the pun, you can’t “unsee” it.

A few people made videos of how they felt when they Googled the trend. “I was literally scarred for life,” said the caption for one person’s video.

Another person said about a TikTok video about degloved faces, “Ummm, I thought I’d look it up because it couldn’t be that bad, but then I was like nvm.”

A scared TikTok user said, “I’ll never search that again because it scared me.”

It’s clear that the images scared a lot of TikTok users because the comment sections of videos about degloved faces are full of people who are sorry they looked them up on Google.

One person just said, “I shouldn’t have done it.”