Dmz Quid Pro Quo Bugged : Solved 

by Ekta

Dmz Quid Pro Quo Bugged : Solved If you’re an avid gamer who’s immersed in the thrilling world of Call of Duty: Warzone, you’ve likely encountered a variety of missions and challenges that test your strategic prowess and gaming skills.

Among these missions, DMZ Quid Pro Quo has sparked interest and intrigue among players. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the intricacies of DMZ Quid Pro Quo, exploring how to complete it, addressing the persistent bug, and shedding light on the developers’ actions to resolve the issue.

What Is DMZ Quid Pro Quo?

In the heart of Call of Duty: Warzone, DMZ Quid Pro Quo emerges as a Tier 3 White Lotus mission that beckons players to partake in an exciting endeavor. At its core, this mission revolves around a seemingly straightforward objective: transporting a new LTD vehicle to specific locations across the vibrant game map.

The rewards for conquering this challenge are nothing short of enticing—a Lunar Patrol weapon blueprint and a substantial 20,000 XP boost await those who succeed.

Navigating Quid Pro Quo DMZ Mission

The path to victory in the DMZ Quid Pro Quo mission requires a blend of strategy, precision, and calculated moves. To emerge victorious and claim the coveted rewards, follow these steps:

  1. Summon the LTV Vehicle: Begin by venturing to the Castle, a strategic location within the game. Here, you’ll encounter a tear gas canister that holds the key to your success. Interact with the canister to summon the mighty LTV vehicle—a trusty companion for the mission.
  2. Embark on a Journey: Hop into the driver’s seat of the LTV and traverse the dynamic landscape of the game. Your journey takes you to two distinct destinations that hold the key to your triumph.
  3. Stop at the Flea Market: The first checkpoint on your journey is the bustling flea market. Maneuver your LTV to this location, marking your progress in the mission.
  4. Reach the Fire Station: After completing your stop at the flea market, continue your expedition to the fire station. Successfully delivering the LTV vehicle to this destination is a pivotal achievement in your mission.

DMZ Quid Pro Quo Bug : Solutions

The path to victory, however, isn’t without its challenges. Numerous players have reported encountering a persistent bug within the DMZ Quid Pro Quo mission.

This glitch casts a shadow on the gameplay experience, preventing players from summoning the necessary flare to call in the LTV vehicle. This issue not only leads to frustration but also disrupts players’ overall progression in the game, impacting the completion of specific mission objectives.

As players seek ways to overcome this bug, several workarounds have been attempted, including restarting the game, reinstalling Warzone, and collaborating with the gaming community for insights. Unfortunately, an official fix for the bug has not been released as of yet.

While players eagerly await a solution to the DMZ Quid Pro Quo bug, the game’s developers have yet to officially address or acknowledge the issue.

However, it’s important to note that the developers are actively working to enhance various aspects of Call of Duty: Warzone. Their dedication to refining the gaming experience is evident through their efforts to tackle other issues within the game.

The Verdict: Persistence Prevails

As you navigate the virtual battlegrounds of Call of Duty: Warzone, the DMZ Quid Pro Quo mission remains an enigmatic challenge that tests your patience and adaptability.

While the bug may temporarily hinder your progression, the resilience of the gaming community is unwavering. As developers continue to work towards resolutions, players can find solace in the camaraderie of their fellow gamers and the thrill of the battlefield.

In the realm of gaming, challenges and glitches are all part of the adventure. While the bug in the DMZ Quid Pro Quo mission may create obstacles, it also unites players in their pursuit of a common goal—overcoming challenges, conquering missions, and emerging victorious in the dynamic world of Call of Duty: Warzone.

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