DMZ No Rushing mission is not working : Solved

by Anchal Thakur

If the DMZ No Rushing mission doesn’t work, you should know that this is a common problem in Warzone 2’s extraction mode.

For the “No Rushing” Legion mission, players must kill 10 enemies at Al Malik Terminal using a Sakin MG38 with a 150-Round Box Magazine and a Soshki bipod.

The second task is to use the same gun and attachments to shoot down three reinforcement helicopters. But helicopters don’t count toward the goal of completing the mission. Here is how to fix this.

DMZ No Rushing mission is not working

First of all, you’ll need to unlock the Sakin MG38 and level it up to level 18 just to finish the No Rushing mission. This will give you access to the 150-round magazine and the Soshki Bipod, which you need.

The first part of the mission, which is to kill 10 enemies, is working the way it should. But the “Shoot Down 3 Reinforcement Choppers at Al Malik Terminal Bugged” part is broken for many players.

Even if you shoot down helicopters with a Sakin MG38 with a 150-Round Box Magazine and a Soshki bipod, the mission won’t count them.

So, why is this bug happening, and what can be done to fix the No Rushing bug?

There are several ways to fix this bug, which is good news. Here are some possible solutions that players have come up with:

  1. Make sure you are close to or on the runway so that Choppers you shoot down will count.
  2. You have to use the Soshki bipod while you are on the ground. The only way to do that for sure is to mount while prone on the ground.
  3. Make sure you blow up the helicopters yourself; don’t let them go off on their own. Many players insist that “your bullet must be the last damage tick that kills the Heli.”
  4. Use rounds that set things on fire because they help a lot with destroying the helicopters.
  5. This is how you fix the bug that says “No Rushing DMZ Not Working.” Don’t forget that you can use other attachments to help you destroy the choppers more quickly. You can add anything you want as long as you have the two attachments that are required.

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