DMZ Exfil Streak Reset : All You Need To Know

by Ami Dalsania

DMZ Exfil Streak Reset Explained : In Warzone 2, your Exfil Streak will go up by one every time you successfully escape. This is very helpful because it lets you get perks, which are bonuses.

Having these benefits is, of course, very helpful for players. So, if you don’t keep your Exfil Streak going, it will start over from the beginning.

Because of this, you’ll always want your Exfil Streak to go up. But there seems to be a problem with this because players are saying that even though their Exfil Streak should be at zero, it keeps going up.

But what’s making this happen? Is this the way it’s meant to work, or is it a bug? In our DMZ Exfil Streak Reset Explained guide, we’ll answer these questions.

DMZ Exfil Streak Reset Explained

DMZ Exfil Streak Reset Explained

The Exfil Streak Reset button in Warzone 2 should make the counter go back to zero. Though, many players say that this didn’t happen and that the Exfil Streak kept counting instead of going back to zero.

Even stranger is that they don’t have the benefits they should have at these higher Streak levels. Instead, it seems like the perks start all over again.

For example, if a player had a successful Exfil Streak of 8 and then lost, their next successful Exfil would bring them to Exfil Streak 9, when it should have been 1, and they would only get the first perk.

After two more exfils, they reach Exfil Streak 11, but they only have the third perk unlocked.

So, what’s going on here? Well, this is happening because of a simple bug with the way things look. It will bug out and show us the wrong information about Exfil Streak instead of the right information.

This should be fixed soon, but in the meantime, don’t worry if your Exfil Streak seems to keep going even though you know it should have reset. It’s still working as intended; it’s just a small bug in how it looks.