Disney Strange World Gay Reveal Scene : Explained

by Sourabh

Disney Strange World Gay Reveal Scene : Strange World is Disney’s 61st animated movie. It is part of a long line of movies that both kids and adults love. Families have seen some of the most well-known movies ever made at the Mickey Mouse house, and the studio keeps coming up with new ideas and exciting stories.

Strange World came out on November 23, 2022, and was directed by Don Hall. It is an animated sci-fi adventure with an all-star cast.

Disney Strange World Gay Reveal Scene

The movie pays homage to old pulp magazines by following the Clade family, who are famous explorers who are about to go on a new and dangerous mission. Searcher Clade’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) son, Ethan Clade, is voiced by Jaboukie Young-White. As the story goes on, we find out more about Ethan.

Since the movie came out, there has been a lot of talk about the fact that one of the characters in Disney’s Strange World is gay. Let’s look at the scene in question.

Disney Strange World Gay Reveal Scene

All of the Clade characters are unique and different from each other, and it’s clear that Ethan wants to do something other than what his father wanted for him.

Soon, we find out that Ethan is the gay character that people have talked about in comments and reviews of the movie. His crush’s name is Diazo, and when he goes to the family farm, he makes it very clear that he wants to date him.

But in a scene with Ethan and his grandfather Jaeger, his sexuality is talked about in a more direct way (Dennis Quaid).

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When Jaeger asks his grandson, Ethan, if he has a sweetheart, Ethan blushes. Jaeger then asks, “Who is it?” Ethan says that it’s Diazo, and it’s clear that Jaeger isn’t surprised to hear that his grandson is gay. It’s also not a big deal, as some viewers might have thought it would be.

Instead, Ethan’s sexuality is treated like heterosexuality and heterosexual love interests in other Disney movies.