Disney Dreamlight Valley Pumpkin House in Forgotten Lands Characters

by Anchal Thakur

Disney Dreamlight Valley Pumpkin House in Forgotten Lands: Since Disney Dreamlight Valley has been available for some time, players are currently immersed in the experience of discovering this fantastical world and coming face to face with their most beloved Disney characters. During the course of this investigation, a number of questions and enigmas have surfaced.

The Pumpkin House, which is located in the Forgotten Lands, is one of these mysteries. Whose beautiful home is this, and why is it so special? Is this something that needs to be done for a quest or an upcoming event?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Pumpkin House in Forgotten Lands Characters

Is there a way for you to get inside this building? In this article, we are going to investigate the Disney Dreamlight Valley Pumpkin House located in the Forgotten Lands in order to find out more information regarding it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Pumpkin House

So, in the Forgotten Lands, who lives in this Pumpkin House? Well, to put it simply, we don’t know. Certainly not yet. The game is in Early Access right now, which means that it will get regular updates until it is fully released, which will be sometime next year. In the meantime, there are still some things missing from the game.

It’s possible that the Pumpkin House is one of these. On the other hand, since Halloween is coming up soon, it’s likely that we’ll find out soon what’s going on with the Pumpkin House. After all, an actual Pumpkin House is about as Halloween-themed a place as you can get.

As for who might live there, there are a lot of different people who could be living there.

Given the pumpkin connection, Cinderella or the Fairy Godmother are the ones that come to mind first.

Besides them, Jack (and maybe Sally as well) from The Nightmare Before Christmas could also be a character.

If the house is really connected to Halloween, this is a very likely thing to happen.

Lastly, it could be Stich from Lilo and Stich, since he was put next to a pumpkin patch in Disney promotional materials for Dreamlight Valley.

This is probably the least likely answer, but it could be a clue. In any case, we’re likely to find out soon who lives in the Pumpkin House in Forgotten Lands.