Solved: Discord Installation Has Failed Error on Windows 10 & 11

by Sourabh

Several users reported that they are getting discord installation has failed error on window 10 & window 11 while installing or reinstalling the software. This problem arises from several reasons like the discord app or software has incomplete files, other applications like antivirus stopping to run discord on windows, framework or driver is not up to date, and many more.

But no worry, here we have lined up some of the workable solutions to fixed the discord installation has failed error pop up on windows PC. So let’s get started.

1. Disable Antivirus & VPN

The very first thing you have to do is just disable your antivirus completely plus if you’re using VPN then close it. Now download new discord software for window 10 or 11 from genuine website and start the installation.

Sometimes antivirus or VPN stops the installation procedure and that occurs installation has failed error. So check out this method it might work for you.

2. Download or Update .NET Framework

In our window 10 and window 11 .NET framework software plays one of the important roles while installing and running software. Plethora of developers uses the .NET framework to build apps and games. Thus absence of the latest .NET Framework might cause discord installation failed error.

So to fix this problem I’d recommend you to download .NET Framework or update it to the latest version and then restart laptop. I hope this method will solve your error. If not then check out next way.

3. Update Windows

If you hate updating window 10 or window 11 to the latest security patch and features then this might be the main reason of discord installation has failed while installing. By updating windows to latest build you’ll get upgraded software & it solves most of bugs.

More importantly, old updates might not compatible with discord. So check for new updates by pressing the shortcut key Window+I to open setting and click on check for updates option.

4. Clean Discord App

If above solutions don’t work for you then cleaning to the deepest level is one of the workable solutions you can try. For users who are trying to install discord for the second time then the old files might be causing issues in this case. So let’s first clean the discord software data. To do follow the below steps correctly.

1. First open task manager either by searching or pressing shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

2. Now find out your discord app running now by selecting and clicking on end task.

3. After that we have to delete its app data from local drives to do you have to press window key +R to launch run. Now type %appdata% and hit enter.

4. Now look for discord files, select and delete. Go to recycle bin and empty it.

5. Now again open “run” and type %localappdata% and hit enter. Find discord folder or files. Select all and delete.

Now just restart your window and start a fresh install of discord app. That’s all.

5. Run as Administrator

If you still getting discord installation failed error then I’d recommend you the popular solution by just right click on app and run as administrator. That solved several users’ problems by doing simple things.

6. Run Discord In Compatibility Mode

Compatibility mode on Windows 10 or 11 is made for those applications which do not run perfectly. So by running on compatibility mode it might work well so here is how you can run discord in compatibility mode.

1. First select discord app and by right click go to its properties or press Alt+enter.

2. Now on top right corner you’ll see compatibility menu click on that, click on Run this program in compatibility mode, and select window 7 or 8.

3. Tick run this program as administrator and click on apply. That’s all. Now launch discord one more time.

I hope it will surely fix the discord installation error in window 10 or 11.

7. Safe Mode

If above solution didn’t work for you then try installing discord in safe mode where most of the windows software, updates, background processes stop working that causing issue. So here is the way to run discord in safe mode.

1. Firstly, click on window search type system configuration and open it.

2. Now under boot menu there is option of safe boot, tick on that, and press ok.

3. Now it will restart the laptop and turn on the safe mode for you. Now try installing discord app. This one surely solves discord installation failed error.

Wrap up: Discord Installation Has Failed in Windows

These were some of the effective ways that will solve your error and now you’re able to chat, and start your conversation on the discord server perfectly. If still there is failed error shows then try contacting discord.

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