Directly Delete Photos Without Sending To Recycle Bin In Smartphone

by Narendra

Hey, Do you want to remove or turn off the recycle bin feature from your android smartphone?

Nowadays, every new generation of Android smartphones is coming with a plethora of features, where one feature is of a recycle bin which has a purpose to keep every deleted photo at a certain period of time, after that it automatically deleted and in that period you can also restore it back.

But the major problem arises, when you have some private photos in the gallery that you want to delete instantly without going that photos into recycle bin, that time recycle bin feature is worst, I Know But Don’t worry; Here I have a solution to remove recycle bin and after that, you can directly delete your pictures permanently without sending to recycle bin.

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Directly Delete Gallery Photos Without Going to Recycle Bin (Follow Steps)

Step 1. Firstly, you have to go in your “device setting” an gear icon and open it.

Step 2. Now just scroll down and find the “Apps option” click on that.

Step 3. After you open the apps tab, now you will see there is every app available which is on your smartphone, now your task is to find your “gallery app” and on right side, there is setting “gear” icon is shows click on it.

Step 4. Now you are seeing your gallery setting, scroll down and where you will see the recycle bin option click on it to turn off recycle bin feature that it.

After turn off the recycle bin of your gallery now, whenever you delete photos it will directly delete permanently without going to the recycle bin.

To turn on the recycle bin, follow the same procedure.

Wrapping Up: Turn Off Recycle Bin to delete the picture directly

These were the steps you have to follow, to remove recycle bin and after that, you can easily delete your smartphone private picture without sending first to recycle bin, Do you have any query related to this feature then feel free to comment down I will sure look on that.

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