Different Type of Scanner Used in the Airport and How its Work

by Narendra

In this article, I will show you the Scanner which is basically used in the airport for Security purpose. Every Airport contains these machine for checking the people by passing through it.

1. Bag Scanner : –

When we get to the Security line, one of the first things we see is probably the bag scanner. The X -rays are used to detect objects inside your bag, as well as how dense they are. One side of the machine emits both low and high energy x-rays, which pass through our bag and hit detector on the other side.

An object with lower density, like stuff that’s made of organic material, will allow more of lower energy x rays to pass through.

Bag Scanner

And material with higher density will absorb most of the low energy X rays and allow some of the higher energy rays to pass through.

Based on the X rays that reach the detector, the machine generates an image that shows all the different object in our bag, colored based on their density.

If something is colored that’s mean it’s probably made of organic That’s important for security to know because explosive tend to involve organic compounds.

The security will analyze the image of anything suspicious, like gun or bomb.

2. Metal Detectors : –

Metal detector work by generating a current in a coil of wire in short pulses, each of which briefly creates a magnetic field within the detector.

Metal Detector Machine

When a metal or object passes through the detector, this magnetic field creates another current in the metal, which in turn generates another magnetic field around the object.

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The Interference caused by this magnetic field is what sound the Alarm.

3. Backscatters x -Rays : –

Backscatters x rays machine if the machine looks like a flat wall, These use a very small amount of x rays that only go through our clothes, and don’t go through the skin.

Backscatter Machine

The machine detects the radiation reflected by our skin or clothes and generates an image that easily shows inside things. The amount of X rays radiation in backscatter is very low.

4. Millimeter-wave scanner : –

This is a machine that is in cylindrical in shape they also use the same basic principal as backscatter scanners do.

This emits microwaves, which are non-ionizing, meaning that they can’t damage our DNA.

Millimeter Machine

Millimeter-wave penetrate our clothing it will show us if we are hiding something.