Diana Taurasi Height

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Diana Taurasi Height : Diana Taurasi is an American professional basketball player who has become one of the most sought-after players in the game. She discovered her love for basketball at a young age and has been consistent in her passion throughout her career. Let’s learn more about this incredible athlete and her achievements.

Diana Taurasi plays for the Phoenix Mercury in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). She was selected as the first overall pick in the 2004 WNBA draft after an impressive collegiate career.

Since turning pro, Taurasi has achieved numerous accolades, including the WNBA Rookie of the Year Award in 2004 and three WNBA championships in 2007, 2009, and 2014. She has also won an impressive five Olympic gold medals, making her a legend in the sport.

Taurasi’s scoring abilities are extraordinary. She has earned several awards for her scoring prowess, including the WNBA Most Valuable Player Award, two WNBA Finals MVP Awards, and five scoring titles. She is known for her ability to score in crucial situations, earning her the nickname “White Mamba,” coined by the late Kobe Bryant.

Diana Taurasi Personal Life

Diana Taurasi was born on June 11, 1982, in Glendale, California, United States. She stands at 1.83 meters tall and weighs around 70 kilograms.

Throughout her career, Taurasi has shattered records and made history. She became the WNBA’s all-time leading scorer and the league’s greatest player of all time, according to fan voting.

Diana Taurasi Height

Diana Taurasi, the talented American professional basketball player, stands tall at a height of 1.83 meters, which is approximately 6 feet. She weighs around 70 kilograms, showcasing her athleticism and physical prowess on the basketball court.

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Throughout her career, Diana’s height and versatile skills have allowed her to play different positions on the court. At times, she had to take on the role of a forward, even though there were shorter players in the starting lineup. This adaptability and flexibility have been essential in her success as a basketball player.

Diana Taurasi’s height, combined with her incredible basketball skills, has made her one of the most dominant and sought-after players in the sport. Her ability to shoot from long range, drive to the basket, and lead her team on the court has earned her numerous accolades and a reputation as one of the greatest players in women’s basketball history.

Who Is Diana Taurasi Husband ?

Yes, Diana Taurasi is married. She tied the knot with her former teammate, Penny Taylor, on May 13, 2017, after dating for eight years. At the time of their marriage, Penny Taylor was the Phoenix Mercury Director of Player Development and Performance.

Penny Taylor is an Australian former professional basketball player and assistant coach. During her impressive 19-year career, she spent the majority of her time with the Phoenix Mercury of the WNBA, where she won three championships.

Penny Taylor was born on May 24, 1981, in Melbourne, Australia, to her parents Denna Noble (mother) and Michael Taylor (father). She stands tall at 1.85 meters and weighs around 75 kilograms.

Diana and Penny’s love story is a beautiful example of finding love within their shared passion for basketball. As teammates and partners in life, they have supported each other both on and off the court. Their marriage has been an inspiration to many, and they have built a strong and loving relationship over the years.

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Diana Taurasi Net Worth

As one of the most sought-after basketball players in the world, Diana Taurasi’s net worth reflects her immense success on the court. Her skills and dedication have led to numerous achievements, both in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) and on the international stage.

As of August 2023, Diana Taurasi’s estimated net worth is around $4 million. This impressive amount is a result of her earnings from her career as a professional basketball player, where she has consistently been a top performer.

Throughout her career, Taurasi has been recognized for her outstanding performances with various awards, including WNBA championships, Olympic gold medals, and MVP titles. These accolades have not only brought her fame but also financial rewards.

Diana Taurasi Parents

Liliana Taurasi is Diana’s mother, and she plays a crucial role in her life. As a loving and caring mom, Liliana has been there for Diana every step of the way, supporting her in her basketball journey.

Diana’s father, Mario Taurasi, is a former professional soccer player from Italy. He made a name for himself as a goalkeeper and had a successful career in the sport. His dedication and passion for soccer have undoubtedly inspired Diana in her own athletic pursuits.

Before Diana was born, her parents, Liliana and Mario, emigrated from Argentina to the United States. They brought their love for sports and family values with them, which had a significant impact on Diana’s upbringing and success.

Diana Taurasi Marriage

Diana Taurasi is married to former teammate Penny Taylor, an Australian former professional basketball player and assistant coach. They got married on May 13, 2017, after dating for eight years. The couple has a son named Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor, born on March 1, 2018. Tragically, their second child was expected to be born on October 6, 2021, but passed away before birth.

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Diana Taurasi is not just a basketball player; she is a legend in the world of sports. With her impressive achievements, record-breaking moments, and passion for the game, she has left an indelible mark on the sport of basketball. As fans, we celebrate her success and wish her continued success both on and off the court.