Destiny 2 Halloween Event 2022 Release Date & Time

by Ami Dalsania

Destiny 2 Halloween Event 2022 Release Date & Time: Destiny 2’s Halloween event for 2022 won’t start for another week, and some armor for the upcoming Festival of the Lost has already been confirmed.

October is always a great month for scary parties. In just a few days, the Dead By Daylight Halloween event 2022 will start. It will have a lot of cool skins, like Blighted Albert Wesker from Resident Evil.

Even though the DBD event is fun, fans of Bungie’s shooter will soon be able to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve in their own way.

Destiny 2 Halloween Event 2022 Release Date & Time

The Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost Halloween event 2022 will start on October 18.

The Season 18 Season of Plunder Roadmap backs up what was said above. Last year, the party for All Hallow’s Eve started on October 12, so this is a little bit later.

If it goes on for three weeks like it usually does, it should be over on November 8. Even though there aren’t many official details right now, we do know that there will be some rewards.

Destiny 2’s next Halloween event will have some armor from the Festival of the Lost 2022.

This year, Bungie asked the community to choose between Team Monster Armor and Team Mech. Team Mech won in the end with 52%, which means it will be available to earn at the next party.

HeySoraPark, a well-known leaker, has shared datamines of eight unique and creepy masks. Bungie only gave concept art.