Defeat The Thieves Bug In Hogwarts Legacy’s

by Narendra

Defeat The Thieves Bug In Hogwarts Legacy’s: We know how to fix the Hogwarts Legacy Trials of Merlin bug that makes nothing happen after you beat the thieves. Hogwarts Legacy is a huge open-world game, so there were bound to be a few small bugs when it came out.

The “Trials of Merlin” quest can’t move forward because of a bug. In this guide, we show you how to fix the “Defeat the Thieves” bug in the Trials of Merlin quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Defeat The Thieves Bug In Hogwarts Legacy’s

The thirteenth main quest in Hogwarts Legacy is called “The Trials of Merlin.” If you finish the quest, you’ll be able to access the Merlin Trials.

The quest starts with the “Help the stranger” task, where you find Nora Treadwell’s tent at the lake and see two dark wizards threatening her. You must kill these two Ashwinder Scouts. Then, right away, two more will show up with an Ashwinder Duellist.

But at this point in the game, there is a bug that affects many players. In other words, the Trials of Merlin quest doesn’t move forward even after they beat the two thieves.

And the “Defeat the Thieves” bug gets players stuck. So, can we make it better? Reports say that the best way to deal with this is to give up on the quest and start over.

Reddit user MBrein799 says, “Well, I just went to the menu, “abandoned” the quest, and started it over.” “After you beat the first two thieves, two more appear, along with a new type of enemy, and I was able to finish it.” It’s important to remember that you have to use the menu to do this. And not by leaving and giving up on the quest.

There are other ways to fix the “Defeat the Thieves” bug in Hogwarts Legacy besides this one. From what players have said in this Steam thread, here are some other things you can do:

Drop this quest and do something else first.
After the two thieves are dead, make a new save.
Outside of the circle, kill the first two thieves.
After the fight with the first thieves, you should do a manual safe.