Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List guide

by Sourabh

Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List guide: The Seven Deadly Sins is a manga and anime series that has a lot of fans. In it, we follow the lives of seven very powerful people called the Seven Deadly Sins.

They were named after the Seven Deadly Sins in the Bible, and each one represents one of those sins: greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony, or sloth.

Since 7 Deadly Sins is so well-known, it’s no surprise that a Roblox game called Deadly Sins Retribution was made. In this game, you fight your way through a fantasy world to get stronger and fully control your Sin.

Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List guide

Your character can be from one of several races. In this guide to the Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List, we’ll look at how powerful each race is.

Deadly Sins Retribution Race Tier List

Let’s look at the list of race tiers to see which races are the best. We’ll go from worst to best, starting with the worst:

  1. Human – D tier. Most people are of this race. The only good thing about it is that it can get mana back.
  2. Tier C: Fairy. The game’s second most common race. Its wings make it much better at magic.
  3. Vampire – B tier. Because it can heal, it is a great choice for battle.
  4. Goddess—A level. This is the race for you if you want to focus on magic.
  5. Demon – S tier. The rarest race, and the best one for close-quarters fighting.

People of many different races live in the world of Seven Deadly Sins. People, Giants, Faeries, Gods, and more are among these. Even though not every race is in the game (at least not yet), five of the most important ones are.

People, fairies, vampires, demons, and goddesses are the five types.

Your race roll will determine which one you get. You have a 58% chance of getting Human, 23% of getting Fairy, 15% of getting Vampire, 3% of getting Goddess, and only 1% of getting Demon. You will want to re-roll if you haven’t gotten the Race you want. This is possible with some very useful Deadly Sins codes.