Dead Space Remake Cheat Codes : Leaked

by Kirti Rajput

Dead Space Remake Cheat Codes: If you want to make things easier for yourself in Dead Space, you’re in luck, because the game has a lot of cheats you can use that still work.

In the original game, you can use cheat codes to get more oxygen, money, and other things. If the game is too hard and you want to make things easier for you and Isaac Clarke, these codes can help.

In the remake of Dead Space, if you want to use cheats, you will want to know if they work or not. Lucky for you, that’s why we’re here.

Find out how to use cheats in the original Dead Space and see the full list of cheat codes that work in the game by reading on. Find out below if the remake of Dead Space has cheats or not.

In the original game, cheat codes were important and sometimes saved lives on the harder difficulty modes. People who wanted to play on the harder Dead Space difficulty levels or even the Dead Space Impossible mode hoped that this would also be the case. So, let’s talk about whether or not there are cheats in the Dead Space remake.

How to cheat in the first Dead Space game

In the original Dead Space, you had to pause the game and then press a series of buttons in the right order to use cheat codes. As long as you did that right, the cheat should work. Even better, using cheats won’t stop you from getting trophies or achievements.

For example, let’s say you’re almost out of oxygen and need it badly. Press pause and then type “X-X-Y-Y-Y” or “—-” depending on whether you’re playing on Xbox, PC, or PlayStation. Now, your oxygen tank should be full again.

Some cheats can only be used once per game, but you can use others as many times as you want.

At the moment, it’s not clear if the remake of Dead Space has cheats or not. We will, of course, add the right information to this guide as soon as it’s available.

At least we know that the original game’s cheat codes don’t work in the remake. You can try them if you really want to, but trust us, they won’t do anything.

Dead Space Remake Cheat Codes

EffectConsole Command
Quick Load\load_game
God Modegod_mode_count=1
All Weaponsgive_all_weapons=1
Arcive  Level (load)\map archive
Boat  Level (load)\map boat
Bunker  Level (load)\map bunker
Carrier  Level (load)\map carrier
Catacombs  Level (load)\map catacombs
Control  Level (load)\map control
Cooler  Level (load)\map cooler
Dam  Level (load)\map dam
Factory  Level (load)\map factory
Fort  Level (load)\map fort
Pier  Level (load)\map pier
Rebellion  Level (load)\map rebellion
Regulator  Level (load)\map regulator
Research  Level (load)\map research
River  Level (load)\map river
Steam  Level (load)\map steam
Swap  Level (load)\map swamp
Training  Level (load)\map training
Treehouse  Level (load)\map treehouse
Volcano  Level (load)\map volcano