David harbour weight loss: Everything you want to know

by Narendra

David Harbour just told everyone what he did to lose weight. Read on to find out more.

David Harbour, who plays Steve on “Stranger Things,” recently lost weight and said he had found the best way to lose weight. “It’s just not eating,” he joked at The Public Theater’s annual gala at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, as reported by Page Six.

How did david harbour lose weight?

“It’s amazing. You try all these different things, like protein and this and that, and then you just stop eating, and you lose weight,” he added, according to Page Six. But Harbour, who is 46, joked that gaining weight was his favorite thing and that he was good at it. Despite this, he did say, “It’s really painful to take it off.”

But he lost weight for his role as Jim Hopper in “Stranger Things,” where people thought his character had died at the end of Season 3. The season finale, though, showed that he was really alive in a Russian prison, and Harbour had to lose weight to look like a believable gulag prisoner.

“I think you’ll see, mentally and nutritionally, it’s not very good for me,” he told Page Six. With Season 3 of Hopper being so sad, the actor knows how excited fans of the Netflix show are for the next batch of episodes.

“I, too, can’t wait. I hope they can wait a little bit longer. I hope we’re not wearing them out with how long this is taking, but I can’t wait either!

He also said, “It’s the best time of year. It’s the best season we’ve ever had and the coolest thing we’ve ever done. It’s a lot. It takes place on different continents and still has a huge heart. It really is a wonderful time of year, but because of this stupid pandemic, we’ve had to wait and wait.

David harbour weight loss: Interview

David told Page Six in the fall of how he got his body, but he started off with a few jokes.

He said, “It’s just not eating.” “It’s amazing. You try all these different things, like protein and this and that, and then you just stop eating, and you lose weight.” He also said, “My favorite thing is to gain weight. I do it really well.”

Despite this, he said, “It was really hard to take it off.”

Part of the reason he lost weight at this time was for his role as Jim Hopper on the show Stranger Things. At the end of Season 3, fans thought his character had died. At the end of the season finale, however, it was revealed that Hopper was still alive in a Russian prison, which is why David had to make it look like Hopper was an inmate.

“I think you’ll see that, both mentally and nutritionally, it’s not very good for me,” he joked, keeping his real, behind-the-scenes secrets, well, behind the scenes.

David harbour before and after

 David talked to the New York Times about how he actually gained and lost weight for his role in Black Widow. “I said, ‘Let’s use the weight.’ So, I began to eat even more. “I got up to 280 pounds, and I loved it,” he said.

Around that time, he met the British singer Lilly Allen, who is now his wife. She liked the way he looked. “It’s a true sign of my undeniable charm that my wife met me when I weighed 280 pounds and had this beard and hair,” he joked. “We went on a date to the Wolseley restaurant in London, and she really liked me even though I looked and had bad hair at the time.”

David’s Russian soldier character, Alexei Shostakov, had to be shown in flashback scenes as a younger man for the Marvel movie. This meant that the actor had to lose weight.

How much weight did David Harbour lose

Harbour told the New York Times (via Hollywood Life)  that she gained weight for Black Widow and then lost weight for the flashback scenes in the Marvel movie. The actor said that he lost 60 pounds for the film.

How tall is david Harbour?

1.9 m is david Harbour.