Darryl Brown & Sampson Ofori Died ? Sampson Ofori & Darryl Brown Cause Of Death ?

by Ekta

Darryl Brown & Sampson Ofori Died ? Sampson Ofori & Darryl Brown Cause Of Death ? In this story, we’re going to talk about a really sad event that happened on State Route 104 in Webster, New York. It involves two people, Sampson Ofori and Darryl J. Brown, who were in a car accident.

Sampson Ofori: A Loving Father’s Journey

Sampson Ofori was a 31-year-old man who lived in America but was originally from Africa. He worked really hard to take care of his family, which included his parents, brothers and sisters, wife, and his one-year-old son. He was a loving father and husband.

Sampson had big dreams. He wanted to join the army, which is a really important job where people protect their country. He was even getting ready to take a test to become a soldier. That’s how much he cared about making a difference.

Sampson had recently bought a new house. It was a big step for him and his family, and it showed how hard he worked to give them a good life. He had a bright future ahead of him, but sadly, that future was cut short.

Darryl J. Brown: A Community’s Friend

Now let’s talk about Darryl J. Brown. He was 61 years old and lived in Rochester, New York. He was a really important person in his family and his community.

Darryl had four children: Ruth, Tyler, Zachary, and Abigail Brown. He loved them very much. He also had brothers and sisters named Dana, Patrick, and Sharon. They all cared about him a lot.

Darryl was from Rochester but moved to Farmington in 1972. That’s where he lived with his family. He went to school in Canandaigua and graduated in 1979. Later, he went to college and got a special degree in 1981.

Darryl worked for a long time, over 32 years, at the Rochester City School District. He was like a teacher and helped lots of kids learn important things. He really cared about education.

Darryl was also into sports. He liked lacrosse and was part of the Rochester Knighthawks team. He also enjoyed golf and spent time at the Centerpointe Golf Club. He was a part of his community in many ways.

Sampson Ofori & Darryl Brown Cause Of Death ?

Now, there was a really sad accident on State Route 104. Sampson Ofori was driving his car, and another car, driven by Darryl J. Brown, was going in the wrong direction. They crashed, and both of them got hurt really badly.

Sampson Ofori didn’t make it. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. It’s really heartbreaking when someone so young loses their life.

Darryl J. Brown was taken to the hospital, but his injuries were too serious, and he also passed away. It’s always sad when we lose someone we care about.

Sampson Ofori’s sister-in-law, Wilmose Bebe, organized a fundraiser to help take Sampson’s body back to Africa. That’s where he was originally from, and they wanted to make sure he could rest there.


In this story, we learned about two people, Sampson Ofori and Darryl J. Brown, who had different lives but were both important to their families and communities. Sadly, a car accident took them away from us, and it’s a really sad thing. We should remember them and the good things they did in their lives.