Dark Arts Cosmetic Set Missing in Hogwarts Legacy: Solved

by Narendra

You’ve come to the right place if you can’t find your Dark Arts Cosmetic Set items in Hogwarts Legacy. The Dark Arts Pack is a pre-order bonus for the deluxe edition. It is one of the extras that come with the Deluxe Edition, and it might be the most exciting one.

But it seems like a lot of players don’t have the Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack. If you don’t know where to find these things, this guide gives you a few ideas.

So, where can I find these items from the Dark Arts Cosmetic set? First of all, these are not real things.

Dark Arts Cosmetic Set Missing in Hogwarts Legacy

Instead, they are just cosmetic changes to the items you already have equipped, as the name suggests.

The transmog system in Hogwarts Legacy lets you change how you look to your liking without having to give up all the good stats and effects of items whose looks you don’t like.

So, to find your missing Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Cosmetic Pack items, open your Wizard’s Field Guide, go to the Gear menu, select any equipped item, and press “Square” (or the equivalent on other platforms) to open the “Change Appearance” menu.

This will open the Appearance menu, where you can see what cosmetic options are currently available for that item.

From there, just choose the look you want to use (Dark Arts Cosmetics are under the “collections” tab) and press “X” to change the look of the item you have selected. So, that’s all!

One more thing needs to be said before we end this guide. If you still don’t have your Hogwarts Legacy Dark Arts Cosmetic Set items, you might need to make sure they are downloaded to your device.

On the page where you pick your character from the main menu, there is a section called “additional content.” Check here to see if the content has already been downloaded. If it hasn’t, download it.