Dappled Glade In Remnant 2 : Complete Guide

by Narendra

Dappled Glade In Remnant 2: If you’re looking for a new adventure in Remnant 2, the Dappled Glade is the perfect place to explore!

Explore the Dappled Glade in Remnant 2 by traveling to Yaesha using the World Stone, finding the purple portal, and entering it to discover its wonders and challenges.

This beautiful field, filled with glowing trees, is home to unique gameplay features that will keep you entertained for hours.

In this guide, we’ll learn all about the Dappled Glade, how to travel there, and what exciting things you can discover in this magical world.

What is the Dappled Glade in Remnant 2?

The Dappled Glade is a breathtaking field filled with glowing trees. It is one of the Pan demigods’ realms that remains untainted by the Root.

In Remnant 2, this world has been expanded and updated with new areas, enemies, quests, and secrets, making it a captivating and challenging experience.

How to Explore the Dappled Glade in Remnant 2?

The Dappled Glade showcases the beauty and diversity of the multiverse while testing players’ wisdom and decision-making abilities.

1. Travel to Yaesha

To begin your adventure in the Dappled Glade, you need to travel to the world of Yaesha. You can do this by using the World Stone, a large crystal that allows you to select different worlds and regions to visit. Interact with the World Stone, and you’ll open the multiverse map, where you can choose Yaesha.

2. Pick Yaesha World

Once you’ve selected Yaesha, you’ll find yourself in a green and yellow world. Now, pick a region within Yaesha to explore. You can either choose one or let the game decide for you. Get ready for a beautiful world filled with both friends and foes.

3. Find the Portal

To access the Dappled Glade, you’ll need to find a purple portal within Yaesha. This portal can be located in any region, so keep an eye out for it as you explore. Use the World Analyzer, which you can craft at Ward 13, to help you scan for the portal’s location.

4. Enter the Portal

When you’ve discovered the portal, approach it and interact with it. By pressing the designated button, you’ll be transported to the enchanting Dappled Glade, a meadow adorned with glowing trees. But be cautious, as the Root has not yet touched one of the Pan demigods, and it’s up to you to save the multiverse.

5. Explore the Glade

Once you’re in the Dappled Glade, it’s time to explore its wonders! Throughout the Glade, you’ll encounter various enemies, events, and secrets.

Keep an eye out for Meidre, who will offer you different traits depending on how you interact with her. You can also trade Kaeula’s Tear for the powerful handgun called Sorrow. Kaeula’s Tear increases your Relic capacity by 2, while Sorrow recalls bolts and heals you for 50% of the damage dealt.

Enemies in the Dappled Glade

While there are no bosses in the Dappled Glade, you’ll encounter powerful enemies that pose a challenge. The Root Tumbler is a ball-shaped enemy that rolls and explodes upon impact.

The Empowered Slayer is an archer who teleports and shoots arrows that trigger high-damage laser-like beams. The Elite Infector is a large enemy that spits out mines causing damage and burn status. Finally, the Root Horror is a huge enemy that traps you in roots and deals heavy melee damage. Use your skills, weapons, and mods wisely to defeat these foes and survive in the Dappled Glade.


The Dappled Glade in Remnant 2 is a mesmerizing world filled with wonders and challenges. Travel to Yaesha, find the portal, and explore the enchanting meadow with glowing trees. Along the way, you’ll encounter powerful enemies, exciting events, and secrets waiting to be discovered. Gear up, young adventurer, and embark on a journey that will test your courage and wisdom in the fantastical world of the Dappled Glade. Happy exploring!

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