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by Narendra
Hey, looking for best craigslist apps for android & iOS ?

No doubt, Craigslist is the biggest online classified advertisement website in the world, launched in 1995. where the user searches for their interest of things, after all, it contains a vast section devoted to lots of different categories such as sales, jobs, wants something, housing, resumes, discussion forums, community services, gigs, events & classes.

Thanks to “Craig Newmark” founder of craigslist which makes advertisements easy to look at and the best thing is it’s free of cost, (Except for some locations in US) where any user of a country can post their advertisement to a website. As per previous data craigslist contains 50 million-plus unique visitors per month alone from the US, Also 90 million new classified advertisements each month. These data clearly show that craigslist is the biggest classified ads website in the world.

Since craigslist launched it doesn’t have any official android & ios apps, but after decades, that main shortcoming is fixed craigslist launched its official android & iOS mobile apps in 2019. Moreover with that much more third-party best free & paid craigslist apps are launched. Here in this article, I will be going to tell you the best craigslist apps for android and iOS that have amazing UI, easy to search & post options, and unique featured apps, so no further ado let’s begin.

How does Craigslist Work?

Craigslist basically an online classified website where peoples list their products as an ad, it’s free of cost all over the world. To list ads on website users only have to open the official website and make an account for posting their ads that’s all. On another side there is a user who wants to buy something in their location then it will contact the seller through email or any contact information given by the seller.

In the transaction of items, there is no one including its depends on buyer and seller. Here on the website, there are various categories of the listing, and that is how craigslist works well and serves the user a great free service.

Best Craigslist Apps For Android & iOS

1. Posting (Craigslist Search App)

Here is the first best craigslist app for android which I recommend you to use, because of its simple craigslist search & post interface that matters the most, the app contains a variety of different categories of ads to buy and sell products in an easy way, moreover there are many more great features that make a posting (Craigslist search app) more productive for company owners or any busy person for instance: Craigslist searches bookmarks, move to favorite tab, fast search to browse categories, direct post ads and many more.

Posting (Craigslist Search App)

Apart from that, there are many other features that make the craigslist app more attractive such as its beautiful and simple look, ad layouts, and light & dark theme. Moreover, If you are the person who buys or sells the item after searching multiple locations then don’t worry posting app also has that feature in fact you could also save ads for later.

The app is developed by keeping every minor requirement of the user to full fill and the best thing that I personally like here is its precision of search where you can easily do filter before searching items.

Install: Posting ( Android )

2. CPlus

CPlus is another best craigslist app for android & iOS user, which provide ads from all the variety of categories in a simple layout if I talked about its features while searching for items or posting ads then its almost same as above craigslist apps such as it have filters for searching much better, sort, different categories and detail information about posting. But the best thing that makes me add this app into a list is its popularity and user’s trust that always post ads genuine and latest.

great craigslist app

Apart from that if I talked about its UI then it is much better than the above apps that are clean and modern. CPlus is another good option you have, to post ads comfortably with an easy option and it also works with both Android & iPhone versions.

Install: CPlus (Android | iOS)

3. App For Craigslist Pro

If you are looking for the best craigslist app for android which has a very simple UI and fast go-to option by just entering the desired filter then this app is great to use. Same as the above craigslist app here also you can buy and sell various different categories of items with using advanced filters.

App For Craigslist Pro

No doubt, craigslist app is used by items buyer & sellers, in both of cases the app provides much easier features for instance if you are looking for some item then there are lots of features such as filters that help you to find an item much faster, sort by post by images, future reference, saved post, quick buttons to email, call, SMS and share on Facebook as well. And if I talked about ad posting then it’s also an easy and well-defined process without any bugs or crashes.

Furthermore, the app provides you latest post-to-old post sort option that makes your work much easy, Moreover, the best thing I like here is the map feature that shows the exact location and you can also compare different location items. So no doubt it’s one of the best craigslist apps.

Install: Apps For Craigslist Pro (Android )

4. CLassify

CLassify is another great ad posting & searching app, users mostly like this app because of its clean white & blue mixture colored user interface and also the top search bar option where users can directly search terms related so that it makes classify more user lovable.


Apart from that, the app is designed so clean and simple, user-friendly without any single third-party advisement. Using app is quite simple you just have to select categories and also there is an advanced filter option that makes your work easier.

Personally, I always prefer a search bar option where you can easily get ad posting. So if you are looking for a fast and trusted craigslist app then classify is also the best option for you.

Install: CLassify (Android )

5. My circle For Craigslist Local

If you are looking for best craigslist app for your local location where nearby up to 10 miles classified shows in-app then here is my circle app for you which provide social network, different categories classifieds posting just same as other any location craigslist app but here you can only access classified in your nearby location.

The reason to include my circle app in best craigslist app list is to see nearby locations classified and also it’s the best way to promote your business in your location free of cost. Users can post and see various categories like job, used stuff, personal things, and much more. So if you are one who is looking at these types of app then this app is great for you.

The app is available for worldwide location so don’t worry you can easily see in your locality classified.

Install: My circle ( Android )

6. Daily For Craigslist

Another great craigslist app for android, iOS & iPad users, here the app provides various categories classifieds from all over the world, The reason to include this app in list is because it provides amazing & latest deals in every category, moreover, there are also lots of great features, for instance, you can save searches, notification, multiple location searches, filters, bookmarks and much more.

great craigslist app for android

Apart from that with having simple clean UI, the app looks more attractive and easy to use. No doubt for the latest listing and posting this app is also the best option.

Install: Daily For Craigslist (Android | iOS)


1. Is it safe to use the Craigslist website?

Yes, it’s totally safe and secure website, it uses standard security protocols and has a strict privacy policy condition so don’t worry about it.

2. Should I have to post contact no while posting ads?

It depends, if you want that buyer directly contact you through mobile then it’s the best choice for conversation but I recommend you not use your personal number on it.

Wrapping Up: Best Craigslist Apps For Android & iOS

When it comes to searching for an item in our location or want to sell some item in countries, the craigslist website is the best way to display ads in free of cost. But to do the works much faster than the craigslist apps play an important role, so above I try to include every best craigslist app that is available in-app store as well in play store for both devices android & iOS so let them check and let me know which app you like the most.

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