Cosplayer Inquisitor Dead Or Alive ? News

by Ekta

Cosplayer Inquisitor Dead Or Alive ? In October 2023, a very sad and troubling event happened involving a popular Italian Call of Duty cosplayer known as Inquisitor.

He posted a video on TikTok that showed something very distressing, and it ended with him taking his own life. It’s a story that’s hard to understand, but we’ll try to explain it in a way.

Inquisitor’s TikTok Journey

Inquisitor was an Italian guy who loved to dress up as characters from the Call of Duty video games. People on TikTok really liked him.

He was especially known for dressing up as a character called Simon “Ghost” Riley from the Call of Duty games. People loved to watch his videos.

Inquisitor’s videos were usually fun. He did things like singing songs, dancing, and sometimes he used a red lightsaber, like the ones Sith characters have in Star Wars.

Cosplayer Inquisitor Dead Or Alive ? News

Before this sad event, Inquisitor had some problems. Some people accused him of doing things that weren’t okay. They said he behaved inappropriately, especially with younger people.

People shared messages and pictures online that they said were messages from Inquisitor. They suggested he might have had a romantic interest in a teenager, which isn’t okay.

Then, more messages came out. They showed that Inquisitor’s editor and her boyfriend were planning to make Inquisitor look bad by pretending to be in love with him. This caused a lot of trouble and hurtful things online.

A Tragic Video

TikTok is a place on the internet where people share short videos, often of themselves doing fun or interesting things.

On October 9, 2023, Inquisitor posted a video on TikTok that was very upsetting. It showed a dark room, and there were sounds like glass breaking and people trying to help. It was all in Italian, and it was very hard to watch.

The video ended with something really sad. It showed that Inquisitor took his own life by hanging himself. This is very distressing and difficult to talk about.


It’s important to know that not everything about this story is confirmed by official sources. We don’t know for sure if the messages and events are true, and there are still many questions.

This story reminds us how serious and hurtful online harassment can be. It’s not okay to say mean things or try to hurt someone online.

We should remember that people sometimes struggle with their feelings and need help. It’s important to offer support and resources to those who are going through hard times, and always be kind to others.

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