Cookie Run Kingdom Captain Caviar Cookie

by Sourabh

Cookie Run Kingdom Captain Caviar Cookie: Cookie Odyssey is getting some new cookies. One of them is the Cookie Run Kingdom Captain Caviar Cookie.

We don’t know a lot about the epic yet, but we’ll put everything we do know in this guide. We will, of course, keep adding to it as new information comes out. So, with that out of the way, let’s jump right in.

Cookie Run Kingdom Captain Caviar Cookie

Captain Caviar Cookie is one of the two new cookies that will be added to Cookie Run Kingdom with the Cookie Odyssey update. Black Pearl Cookie is the other one, of course.

Cookie Run Kingdom Captain Caviar Cookie

In the English version, Dave Fennoy voices Captain Will, and in the Korean version, Kim Dong-hyun does. Caviar is an awesome treat. Black Shark Torpedo, his special skill, looks like a lot of fun.

It fires three of these torpedoes, which give all allies the ability to resist being debuffed. They aim at the enemy with the least amount of health, from most to least (targets cookies first).

It does damage in a certain area when it hits. On top of that, it stops the Captain from being interrupted for a short time.

Captain Caviar Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run Kingdom

We don’t know what the best toppings will be for Cookie Run Kingdom’s Captain Caviar Cookie.

After all, it’s not yet part of the game. We’ll make sure to add new information to the guide as soon as it’s available. In the meantime, we can try to guess as best we can.

We already know that Caviar will be a Bomber type of Cookie and that he will play in the middle. We can draw some conclusions from that and the fact that his special skill, Black Shark Torpedo, is meant to do a lot of damage.

I think you should go with either Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate, or a combination of the two.