Chromebook says Low-power charger all the time 

by Sourabh

If you want to know why chromebook says low power charger all the time then keep scrolling and find out the reasons.

A “Low-power charger” notice may appear on your Chromebook’s screen when you plug in your power adapter. This message indicates that the battery on your Chromebook is unable to draw enough power to charge properly while in use. As a result, charging your laptop may take longer than usual.

Why does it say I plugged in a “Low-Power Charger” on my Chromebook?

The “Low-power charger” message could mean you’re charging your ChromeOS laptop with the wrong power adaptor. Always charge your Chromebook with the original charger that comes with it. Third-party chargers may not be powerful enough to fulfill the demands of your Chromebook. As a result, the battery in your laptop may not charge while in use.

If you’re using an older charger, the alert could potentially mean that your power adapter isn’t operating properly. In any case, the alert indicates that your Chromebook is unable to draw enough power to simultaneously charge its battery and function correctly.

Will a Chromebook work with a low-power charger?

While a low-power charger may work on your Chromebook, charging it will take longer, even if you turn it off. It could take days to fully charge your iPhone if the battery is dead.

What to Do If You Get ChromeOS “Low-Power Charger” Alerts

Purchase a New Charger

Get an original power adapter compatible with your Chromebook model if you’re using a third-party charger. It’s a good idea to replace your current charger if you feel it’s faulty. Chargers for Chromebooks usually last a few years. However, excessive use in unsuitable circumstances will reduce their lifespan.

Check the charging port on your Chromebook as well. Remove any dirt or dust specks, then connect the power adapter back into the port and see if anything has changed.

Reset your Chromebook

Check to see if the alert goes away after a hard reset. A hard reset, as a reminder, allows you to reinitialize the power flow to the integrated controller (EC). The EC is in charge of your Chromebook’s hardware, including the battery, keyboard, and other onboard peripherals.

To reset your Chromebook’s hardware, follow these steps:

Switch off your computer.
Then, while holding down the Refresh key, tap and hold the Power button.
Release the Refresh key when your Chromebook has started up.
To reset the hardware, you may need to click an unique reset button or remove the battery for a few minutes, depending on the Chromebook model. Visit Google’s Support website for additional details.

Wrapping up: Chromebook says Low-power charger all the time

If your Chromebook indicates that you plugged in a low-power charger, this means that your laptop is not receiving enough power to charge the battery while in use. Make sure you’re using the charger that came with your Chromebook. If you think the charger you’re using is broken, get a new one. Perform a hardware reset as well as removing the battery for a few minutes.

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