Chatgpt Premium Version What’s latest Updates

by Narendra

The AI program that talks a lot now has a paid version, but it’s still not clear why anyone would want to use it.

OpenAI has announced that a paid version of ChatGPT is coming out. For $20 a month, you’ll be able to…well, I guess keep using ChatGPT.

In a blog post published on Wednesday, the research group announced that “ChatGPT Plus,” a pilot subscription plan for its strange little toy, was now available. What do you get for the money you pay every month? Well, to be honest, not a whole lot—at least not yet.

Chatgpt Premium Version What’s latest Updates

OpenAI says that the premium version of its chatbot will include “general access to ChatGPT, even during peak times” (this is supposed to be a perk because the chatbot has been known to crash during busy times), faster response times (also a perk because the bot can be slow), and “priority access to new features and improvements.”

Even though “priority access” sounds good, OpenAI doesn’t say what any of these new features or improvements will be.

Instead of specifics, OpenAI gives readers a lot of optimistic language about the future that sounds like it was written by ChatGPT:

“We started ChatGPT as a research preview so we could find out more about the system’s strengths and weaknesses and get feedback from users to help us fix its problems. Since then, millions of people have told us what they think, we’ve made a number of important changes, and users have found value in a wide range of professional situations… We plan to improve and add to this service based on what you tell us and what you want.”

Why someone would pay money for this when all OpenAI is offering is the chance to be the first to get new features and updates is a bit of a mystery. Also, it’s not clear who this subscription service is meant for. Are casual users, like the people who wrote this poem, supposed to be so excited to keep using the chatbot that they jump at the chance to spend the cost of two Netflix subscriptions on a slightly better version?

OpenAI has made it clear that it has a long way to go in its plans to grow and spread. The organization says that it is “actively exploring options for lower-cost plans, business plans, and data packs to make them more available.” This means that in the future, there will probably be more ways to make money that make a little more sense than this one.

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