Chapter 5 Sorrow Cross in Underground Blossom : Solved

by Ekta

Chapter 5 Sorrow Cross in Underground Blossom : In Chapter 5 of “Sorrow Cross in Underground Blossom,” you’re in for a thrilling adventure filled with puzzles and mystery. This guide is designed to help you, navigate the chapter’s challenges step by step. Let’s dive into the story and find out how to solve it.

Step 1: Meeting Laura and Bob

Your journey begins by talking to Laura and Bob. They will be your companions on this adventure.

Step 2: Finding the Clock Hand

Look under the bench for a box that holds the clock hand. You’ll need this to progress.

Step 3: Setting the Time

Place the clock hand on the clock and set the time to 4:00. This step is crucial for what comes next.

Step 4: Dealing with Bob

Send Bob on his way and collect the money from his wallet. You might need it later.

Step 5: Vending Machine Snacks

Use the coin to buy three different snacks from the vending machine: the 25, 35, and 45 ones.

Step 6: The Sorting Puzzle

Click where the snacks are deposited and complete the sorting puzzle. Sort the objects into three categories: animals, foods/drinks, and modes of transport. This will unlock an achievement.

Step 7: Feeding the Pigeon

After obtaining a cookie, go to where the pigeon is and give it the cookie. The pigeon will play a crucial role later on.

Step 8: Solving the Seed Puzzle

Solving the seed puzzle can be done in different ways, but make sure there’s one white seed after every red seed and two white seeds after every green seed.

Step 9: The Pigeon’s Fate

Follow the pigeon throughout the station until it gets run over by a train. This event is essential for the next part of the story.

Step 10: Unlocking the Shady Fellow’s Cage

Take the key and unlock the cage where the shady fellow keeps your belongings.

Step 11: Hiding Your Money

Once you discover the shady fellow has your stuff, put the remaining money from Bob’s wallet into the box underneath the bench and set the time to 9:00.

Step 12: Retrieving the Saw

You’ll get the saw back at this point, but the timepiece remains out of reach.

Step 13: Investigating the Cabinet

Saw off the lock on the cabinet behind Laura and obtain the painting panel.

Step 14: Finding Hidden Locations

Place the painting panel onto the painting and move it around until you find all 12 locations in the painting. Make sure to click the circle you’ve located to progress.

Step 15: Sorting the Trash Can Contents

Examine the knocked-over trash can and sort all of its contents into pairs.

Step 16: Reading the Letter

Read the letter and obtain the pill.

Step 17: Giving Laura the Pill

After giving the pill to Laura, talk to her and then back off. The scenery will transform into something spookier.

Step 18: Following Laura’s Instructions

Follow Laura’s instructions and place the correct objects into the hands of the correct people.

Step 19: The Portrait Revelation

Once you’ve completed Laura’s instructions, click on the portrait next to Laura’s lifeless body.

Step 20: Unusual Paintwork

Take the paintbrush and dip it into the pigeon’s blood. Then, return to the portrait and use the paintbrush to draw all over Rose’s face until you find the time (7:55).

Step 21: Collecting the Ticket

Click on Laura’s lifeless body and collect the ticket. (Click on Laura’s head multiple times until a bug comes out to unlock an achievement).

Step 22: Boarding the Train

Change the time to 7:55 and give the ticket to the conductor. This will unlock another achievement.

By following these steps, you’ll successfully navigate Chapter 5: Sorrow Cross in Underground Blossom, uncovering its mysteries and solving its challenging puzzles. Enjoy the adventure!