Channel 165 On Dish Network Not Working? What happened ?

by Rajitha Reddy

Channel 165 On Dish Network Not Working: People want to know what happened to the Great American Family (GFAM) channel 165, which is no longer on DISH Network.

DISH recently posted on its website that Cox Media Group “is demanding an exorbitant rate increase, negotiating for channels it does not yet own, and insisting on payment from customers who do not subscribe to local broadcasting, even though it continues to underinvest in local programming.”

Different stations from ABC, FOX, CBS, and NBC in nine markets would be affected by the decision. But in a recent tweet, DISH Network explained why users could no longer watch channel 165.

Channel 165 On Dish Network Not Working

When a customer of DISH Network asked what happened to channel 165, DISH Answers gave them an answer.

The reply said, “Thank you for getting in touch.” “We know how important your favorite channels are to you. Great American Family on channel 165 was part of a free preview from November 1st to November 28th.

The preview period for the channel ended on November 28, 2022, so you can no longer watch it for free.

But DISH gives you options if you want to keep getting the channel’s services.

How To Get Great American Family

Great American Family is the show that Great American Media is most proud of. There are a variety of holiday movies, family-friendly shows, rom-coms, and other types of shows on this channel.

You can still watch GFAM if you buy any of the following packages from DISH.

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As Christmas gets closer, GFAM has a lot of interesting movies and shows for you to watch.

How To Find Missing Channels On Dish Network

DISH Network has made a portal to help its customers find the missing channels that have been taken away because of disputes.

“For customers affected by local channel disputes, we know it’s frustrating that broadcasters put you in the middle of these talks,” says the note on the website.

Enter your code in the search column HERE to find out the status of any missing channels on your network.