CE-117773-6 PS5 Error: Solved

by Anchal Thakur

PS5 Error CE-117773-6 : Most PlayStation users have to deal with Playstation Error Code CE-117773-6, and they want to know How To Fix Playstation Error Code CE-117773-6. PS5 error code CE-117773 is an error message that you might encounter while trying to connect your PlayStation 5 console to the PlayStation Network.

This error code indicates that your console is unable to connect to the internet or that there is an issue with your network settings.

Sony has also known about the problem. If you want to find out how to fix Playstation Error Code CE-117773-6, read what’s below.

Error code CE-117773-6 Playstation 5

The problem is caused by a bug in the system, which is not being hard to fix. Users have been complaining about it for months. Most people don’t know this.

It is because the Internet connection is broken or not fast enough. Also, the error can happen if the download goes to a different source. So, if you still have this problem, read on to find out how to fix the error code.

Error Code CE-117773-6 on Playstation?

CE-117773-6ps4: When a PlayStation shows the CE-117773-6 error code, it means that the network connection between the console and its servers has failed.

Some users ran into the problem while playing a certain game, such as Overwatch, Rocket League, etc., while others ran into it when starting up the console or logging into the PSN. Most of the time, the problem is reported after a firmware update or a game update.

Start up the console and router from scratch

If there is a temporary problem with how the PS console and Sony servers talk to each other, the data packets may not be parsed correctly on the console or its servers. This could cause the CE-117773-6 error. In this case, you might be able to get rid of the CE-117773-6 error by giving the PS console and router a cold restart.

Put the console and router to sleep

Then, unplug both the console and the router from their power sources and remove all the networking cables from the router.

Now wait 5 minutes, and then plug the Internet cable back into the router.

Then connect the LAN cable to the console again (if LAN connection is used on the console).

Now plug the router’s power cord back in and turn it on.

Once the router is turned on properly, turn on the PlayStation and see if the CE-117773-6 error is gone.

Check if the PlayStation can connect to the Internet

The PS console may give you the CE-117773-6 error if there is a problem with the way it talks to its servers. This could be caused by a bug in the console’s communication modules. Here, testing the PlayStation’s Internet connection might fix the problem. Before you do that, make sure that both the PlayStation servers and the game servers (if the problem is with a specific game) are up and running.

Open the Settings menu and click on Network.

Now click Test Internet Connection, and then wait for the test to finish.

After that, check to see if the CE-117773-6 is gone from the PlayStation

If that doesn’t work and the problem is happening over Wi-Fi, move the PlayStation console close to the router and see if that fixes the problem.

Change the PlayStation’s DNS settings

If the network’s DNS servers can’t translate the web addresses of the Sony servers quickly enough, the CE-117773-6 error code could happen. In this case, changing the PlayStation’s DNS settings might fix the error CE-117773-6.

Open Network from the PlayStation Settings menu

Now click Setup Internet Connection and choose LAN or Wi-Fi for the type of connection.

Then go to Custom and set the IP Address field to Automatic.

Now, choose “Do Not Specify” for the DHCP Host Name field and “Manual” for the DNS field.

Then choose how to set the following DNS values:

Now set MTU Settings to Automatic and Proxy Server to Do Not Use.

Then, click Test Internet Connection. After the test is done, check to see if the error CE-117773-6 is gone

Try a different network or type of network

The PlayStation could show the CE-117773-6 error code if the ISP is making it hard for the console to talk to its servers, making it impossible for the console or its servers to read the data packets correctly. In this case, the error may be fixed by trying a different network or type of network.

If you can, see if the error goes away if you connect the PS console to a LAN connection (if the problem is happening over Wi-Fi).

If that didn’t work and the problem is happening on LAN, disconnect LAN and connect the console through Wi-Fi.

Now, plug the LAN cable back in and see if the CE-117773-6 error is gone.

If not, disconnect the PlayStation from the current network and connect it to a different network, like a mobile phone’s hotspot.

Now, do the thing that was causing the error, and hopefully the console won’t show error CE-117773-6 anymore.

Use a wired Internet

Most of the time, a bad or nonexistent internet connection is the cause of the CE-117773-6 error code on PlayStation consoles. To stop this from happening, you should first make sure that your console is connected to your WiFi.

There is a good chance that a packet will be lost, so the error will show up more often. Try plugging it into your router with a cable to make the connection stronger and more stable.

Uninstall the game and reinstall it

If the previous solution didn’t work, one of the best things you can do is just delete the game. Because of the error CE-117773-6, the installation files have a few small bugs. After deleting the game again, you should be able to download, install, and play the game.

Unplug any extra storage devices

  1. Take off any devices that are connected to the main console.
  2. Put your PS5 away and turn it off.
  3. Disconnect your external storage device.
  4. Start the PS5 System Console up.
  5. Installing the game again might work.

Put your PS5 to sleep

Again, plug in the external drive.
Check to see if the PlayStation Store or Network is down
Check out the PlayStation Network’s Service Status page.

Check the status of the service, and if there’s a problem, you’ll just have to wait.

If the server problem has been fixed, check to see if there are new versions of system software.

And if the website won’t load, it’s probably because of how you’re connected to the internet.

Put licenses back in order to fix CE-117773-6

Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner of the PS5’s home screen.

After that, go to User and Accounts and click on “Other.”

Select Restore Licenses next.

Then, press the “Restore” button.

After a short wait during this process, your Error Code PS CE-117773-6 will be fixed.

Restart your Router

By restarting your router, you can make a new connection with your ISP and fix the “something went wrong CE-117773-6” message. To completely turn off your router, remove the power line from the power switch. Plug it back in after two minutes and check your internet connection.

To fix PS5 CE-117773-6, restart your PS5

Tap and hold the console’s power button for at least 10 seconds, or until the blinking LED light stops.

After unplugging the power cord from the back of the console, click the power button to drain all of the power.

After 20 minutes, hook up all of the devices again. Start over with your PS5.

After you restart, try a wired internet connection and make sure your settings are up to date to see if WS-116483-3 is gone.

Speed up your Wi-Fi

Use a wireless device that can work at 5GHz instead of one that can work at 2.4GHz to avoid interference. If you can’t do this, you might want to buy a strong router that will send strong, consistent signals all over your home. You can also set up a wired connection to the internet.

Get your router’s firmware up-to-date

Sometimes, slower internet speeds or the inability to connect to the internet can be caused by older router software. So, the best thing to do is to update the router’s firmware. To do this, you need to follow these steps:

Go to the log-in page for the router.

After you sign in, look for the option to update the software.

Talk to PS5 Help

If none of the above solutions worked for you, you can report the PS5 CE-117773-6 on the support page of the PlayStation website. Most of the time, they will get back to you within 24 hours. Make sure your console knows about every fix you’ve tried. This will help the support person figure out what caused this error in the first place.

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