Cayla Moreno Cause Of Death : News

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Cayla Moreno Cause Of Death : Imagine a person who was not only an amazing teacher but also a beloved family member, an artist, and a dedicated athlete. This is the story of Cayla Moreno, a cherished resident of Mississauga, Ontario, whose obituary reflects the profound sense of loss felt by her family and community.

In this tribute, we will explore Cayla’s roles, her tragic passing, the upcoming funeral service, and the incredible qualities that made her special.

Cayla Moreno Dedicated Educator

Imagine a teacher who was not only passionate but also deeply dedicated to her students. That was Cayla Moreno. She served as a lead teacher at Early Explorers Academy in Waterford. It’s like having a teacher who always made learning fun and exciting.

Cayla’s commitment didn’t stop at the academy; she also served as a Sunday school teacher at Shalom Baptist Church in Orion. Think of her as a guide who helped kids on their spiritual journey. She balanced both roles with enthusiasm and love.

Cayla Moreno Cause Of Death : News

One day, tragedy struck in a heartbreaking circumstance. Cayla Moreno passed away on September 6, 2023. What makes this even more heart-wrenching is that she was carrying her baby boy. Imagine a bright day suddenly turning dark and stormy.

Cayla’s connection with her baby’s journey to heaven was established right from the beginning. It’s like they were destined for a special bond, even in the afterlife.

To honor Cayla Moreno’s beautiful life, a funeral service will be held at Shalom Baptist Church on September 13, 2023, at 1 p.m. The church is located at 3400 Morgan Road in Orion, Ontario.

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Family and friends had the opportunity to pay their respects on September 12, 2023, from 4 to 8 p.m. and again on September 13, 2023, starting at 11 a.m. until the time of the funeral.

Cayla Moreno will find her final resting place in Ottawa Park Cemetery in Clarkston, near her grandfather’s resting place. It’s like a peaceful garden where she can rest surrounded by loved ones.

Cayla Moreno Family in Mourning

Cayla Moreno’s family is going through a time of deep sadness and grief. Losing a beloved family member is one of the hardest things anyone can experience. Imagine the pain of losing someone you love dearly.

Cayla was cherished by everyone who knew her, especially her parents, David and Lisa Carr, and her siblings Candace, Courtney, and David Jr.

She also had nieces and nephews with whom she shared a special bond. Additionally, her aunts, uncles, and grandmothers are mourning her passing. It’s like a big family coming together to remember and honor someone they all loved.

Cayla Moreno Talents and Achievements

Cayla had a love for reading from a young age. Imagine someone who could get lost in a good book for hours. She read over 150 novels on average each year. That’s like having a library in your heart.

She was not only a reader but also an artist. Cayla was skilled in working with acrylics, creating beautiful art that could brighten up any room. Imagine having the talent to turn a blank canvas into a masterpiece.

Cayla’s journey in academics and sports was equally impressive. She graduated from Rochester Hills Christian School in 2016 and was actively involved in sports like volleyball, basketball, and soccer. Imagine excelling in both books and sports, like a superhero who can do it all.

Cayla Moreno Community in Mourning

Cayla Moreno’s passing has left a profound impact on her family and community. It’s like a piece of sunshine disappearing on a cloudy day. She will be remembered for her talents, warm-hearted nature, and dedication.

May her family find the strength to cope with this immense loss. It’s like finding a light in the darkness of grief. And may Cayla’s memory continue to bring comfort and warmth to those who knew and loved her.


In conclusion, Cayla Moreno’s life was filled with dedication, talent, and love. She touched the hearts of many as a teacher, artist, and athlete. Her tragic passing leaves a void that can never be filled, but her memory will continue to shine brightly in the lives of those who knew her.

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