Can’t Type Character Name In Hogwarts Legacy On The Xbox

by Anchal Thakur

Can’t Type Character Name In Hogwarts Legacy On The Xbox: Reports say that the open-world adventure in Hogwarts Legacy captures all the excitement and magic of the Wizarding World.

The video game has new characters that are easy to remember, combat that is hard and full of subtleties, and a great Hogwarts student fantasy.

But there are some technical problems, the main story isn’t very interesting, and there aren’t that many different types of enemies.

If you’ve been having trouble with the bug in Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox where you can’t type your character’s name, we’ll show you how to fix this annoying problem.

Can’t Type Character Name In Hogwarts Legacy On The Xbox

Reset Xbox Network

  1. Open Network Settings by going to Xbox Settings.
  2. Click on Advanced Settings, then look for Alternate Mac Address.
  3. To get rid of it, turn the console off completely and unplug all of its cables.
  4. Wait 2 to 3 minutes, then connect the cables.
  5. Check to see if the problem is fixed by turning on your Xbox.
    If you play Hogwarts Legacy game doesn’t work on your Xbox, you’re not the only one.

Some people have said that when they start their Hogwarts Legacy game game, it gets stuck on the loading page, crashes, and sends them back to the Xbox home screen.

Check NAT Type

  1. First, go to Settings and then click on Network Settings.
  2. Now, open type NAT. Check to see if it’s open.
  3. If it’s not open, you’ll need to ask your ISP to open some ports.
  4. Check out these Xbox ports that need to be opened: Ports 88 (UDP), 3074 (both UDP and TCP), 53 (both UDP and TCP), 80 (TCP), 500 (UDP), 3544 (UDP), and 4500 (UDP).
  5. The NAT type of your console is sometimes the reason why Hogwarts Legacy game won’t work. If it’s closed, it might get in the way and stop the game from starting.

Reset Xbox

  1. Go to System from Settings.
  2. Choose Reset This Xbox after clicking on Console Info.
  3. The last step is to click Reset and Keep my Games and Apps.

If none of the above solutions worked, the next step will be to reset the console. You won’t lose your games or data if you choose “Reset and Keep my Games and Apps.”

Use the controller

  1. Start the game again after you turn on your Xbox again.
  2. If your game is stuck on a black screen while it is loading, press and release the Home button on your controller.
  3. To go back to the screen, press B.

If you do everything right, your console will check the frame rate and vibration feedback, and the game should start working.
You can turn the screen off and come back to the game later or in the middle of it. Check for framerate drops or jittering before you use this bypass.

If you notice that your controller isn’t giving you vibration feedback when you shoot, you can use the steps above to fix Hogwarts Legacy game not working or crashing on Xbox.

Reinstall the game

  1. Press the Xbox button on the Xbox One home screen and choose My Games & Apps.
  2. Select the game you want to get rid of, then press the Menu button on your controller.
  3. Choose Uninstall from the menu that appears. Choose Uninstall All if you want to get rid of your game completely.
  4. Go back to My Games and Apps and choose Full Library to reinstall the game.
  5. Choose All Owned Games from the menu.

Hogwarts Legacy game should be at the top of the list.

So many people are upset that only Hogwarts Legacy game doesn’t work, while all of the other Hogwarts Legacy game do.

Cross-Gen Bundle Upgrade is to blame for this problem, and you and other gamers can’t do anything about it.

Microsoft confirms and insists that the problem has been fixed, and their Xbox Twitter account has a live update.

The server was down, so many other people couldn’t play Hogwarts Legacy game. Microsoft found out what was going on and fixed the problem.

Hogwarts Legacy game not working on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One has been a big problem for a while.

One of the best and easiest ways to fix this problem is to buy and install Cross-Gen Bundle Upgrade.

It costs $10 and works with Xbox Series X/S ray-tracing optimizations and many HD packs.

If you don’t install this add-on, Xbox will skip the base game data and install all other files instead. Hogwarts Legacy game won’t work because of this.

you can try is to turn off and back on your Xbox. Several players have said that after that, they were able to get it to work. To use the next method, you must connect a keyboard to your Xbox.

If you do this, you can use that keyboard to type in the name of the character. Some players have said that when they plugged in an external keyboard, they could then type in their name with the Xbox controller like they normally would.