Can’t play EA SPORTS FC 24 with Croatian Manager : Solved

by Narendra

Hey there, guys! So, there’s this super weird thing happening in EA SPORTS FC 24. Some players have hit a snag where they just Can’t play EA SPORTS FC 24 with Croatian manager. Yeah, you heard that right. You pick a Croatian manager for your team, and bam, the game just stops in its tracks.

It’s like the game’s saying “Nope, not gonna play with this manager.” This issue is popping up every single time, no matter which Croatian manager you choose.

People are trying to figure this out because, hey, everyone should have the chance to play with their favorite manager, right? Let’s dive into what’s causing this and find some ways to fix it.

Why Can’t play EA SPORTS FC 24 with Croatian manager?

Alright, so why is this happening? When you try to kick off the game with a Croatian manager leading your squad, EA SPORTS FC 24 suddenly gets all picky.

It’s like the game doesn’t recognize the manager as valid or something. Players are left scratching their heads because instead of starting the match, the game asks you to assign a manager – even though you already did!

And it’s not just a one-off glitch; it happens every single time with Croatian managers. It’s super frustrating, especially when you’re all set to dive into the game.

5 Solutions of Can’t play EA SPORTS FC 24 with Croatian manager

So, what can you do about this? Let’s look at some fixes:

  1. Update the Game: First things first, make sure your game is up to date. Sometimes these bugs get squashed in the latest updates.
  2. Try Different Managers: Even though the problem is with Croatian managers, try switching around to see if it’s a specific issue with the ones you’ve chosen.
  3. Restart the Console: Good ol’ turning it off and on again. Sometimes, this simple step can clear out weird glitches.
  4. Check for Specific Updates: Sometimes, EA releases specific patches for these kinds of issues. Keep an eye on the game’s official channels for any news.
  5. Contact EA Support: If none of the above works, reach out to EA Support. Reporting the issue helps them track it and, hopefully, roll out a fix faster.

Remember, you’re not alone in this. It’s a known issue, and with some patience and a bit of luck, we’ll see a fix soon. Hang in there, and keep trying these solutions in the meantime!

5 New Solutions for Playing EA SPORTS FC 24 with a Croatian Manager

1. Check for Game Updates

Sometimes, specific bugs are fixed in new game updates. Make sure your EA SPORTS FC 24 is up to date. Go to your console’s game library, select EA SPORTS FC 24, and check if there are any pending updates. Installing the latest update might resolve the issue with Croatian managers not being recognized properly.

2. Reset Game Data

Occasionally, game data can become corrupted and cause unexpected issues. Try clearing the cache of EA SPORTS FC 24 on your PlayStation 4 Pro. To do this, turn off your console and unplug it for a few minutes before restarting. This won’t delete your saved games but can fix problems related to game data corruption.

3. Reassign the Manager

There might be a glitch with how managers are assigned in the game. Remove any manager from your Ultimate Team, then restart the game. After restarting, try assigning a Croatian manager again. This could refresh the game’s internal checks and allow you to proceed.

4. Contact EA Support

If the issue persists, reach out to EA Support directly. Provide them with detailed information about the problem, including your Gamertag, the steps you’ve taken, and that it occurs 100% of the time with Croatian managers. EA Support might offer a solution specific to this issue or escalate it to the development team for a fix.

5. Community Forums and Social Media

Sometimes, the community might have found a workaround for specific bugs. Check EA SPORTS FC 24 forums, Reddit, or other social media platforms for any posts related to this issue. Other players might have encountered the same problem and could have suggestions on how to fix it or workarounds until an official patch is released.

By following these steps, you should be able to resolve the issue with Croatian managers in EA SPORTS FC 24 or at least find a temporary solution until an official fix is deployed.

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