Can Blitzle be Shiny in Pokemon GO? Pokemon GO Blitzle Spotlight Hour 2023

by Narendra

Can Blitzle be Shiny in Pokemon GO: We’ll show you everything you need to know about the mini-event. We will begin by telling you when it will start and end and what the event bonus is going to be. Then we’ll talk about whether or not Blitzle can shine.

Pokemon GO Blitzle Spotlight Hour 2023

As is usually the case, the main draw of the 2023 Blitzle Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour will be the increased chances of getting a shiny Blitzle. In the next part, we’ll talk about that. Let’s talk about the other parts of the mini-event for now.

First of all, it starts at 6 AM local time on Tuesday, January 31 and ends at 7 PM local time an hour later. During the event, you will get twice as many Transfer Candies.

You should get twice as much Candy for every Pokemon, not just Blitzle, that you send to the professor. So, it’s a great time to collect Candy to give Blitzle more power or help it evolve into Zebstrika.

Can Blitzle be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes, Blitzle is definitely catchable in Pokemon GO, and the Spotlight Hour event can help you catch more of them. When I say “increase your odds,” I mean that they will automatically get better.

Since there will be a lot more Bliztle than usual, it makes sense that you might find it easier to find a shiny one. Even though your odds will still be very low, they will be a lot better than usual.

Also, it’s easy to tell a shiny Blitzle from a regular one because the shiny one is dark blue and the regular one is dark gray/light black. So, if you come across the special zebra Pokemon,