Call of duty NZ-41 NERF has been confirmed in the latest warzone patch notes

by Narendra

The update for Call of Duty: Warzone that was released today is currently being rolled out, and it includes a number of significant changes. Included in this is the process of transporting Lootable Perks to Fortune’s Keep.

However, fans will also be interested in learning more about the change to the weapon balance that was also confirmed in this week’s Warzone patch notes.

Due to the fact that the NZ-41 was dominating both Caldera and Fortune’s Keep, Raven Software decided to give it a minor buff that makes it slightly less powerful. This includes reductions to a number of well-known attachments, details of which can all be found below as part of the update that was made to the Warzone this week:

Call of duty NZ-41 NERF latest warzone patch notes

A new update for Warzone has been released today, and it appears that this update will weaken the NZ-41, or at the very least, change the attachments that are used with it.

Fans were anticipating a playlist update today that would allow Rebirth Island to be playable again, but they were unaware that another patch was going to be implemented.

The launch of Call of Duty will take place today, and the good news is that it will not require you to download anything or find extra space on the hard drive of your console or computer.