Building 21 Weapon Case location DMZ

by Narendra

Building 21 Weapon Case location DMZ: You’ve come to the right place if you want to know where the Building 21 Weapon Case is. Building 21 is the newest addition to the DMZ. It has a lot of valuable items and secrets.

But the Weapon Case, which is the most valuable, is also the hardest to get. This guide shows you where the Weapon Case is in Building 21 and how to get the rewards from it.

Building 21 Weapon Case location DMZ

There is plenty of loot in almost every part of Building 21 in DMZ. But the Weapon Case is the main prize of this new mode, and everyone is there to get it. Building 21’s main goal is the Weapon Case, which you’ll want to get out as quickly as possible so you can get permanent rewards.

Building 21 Weapon Case location DMZ

There are six tiers of rewards you can get from extracting it. And we show you how to do it in this guide. There are no maps in the game, but you can use our map of Building 21.

This is important because you’ll need to move quickly and know where to go. Here’s how to get the Weapon Case from Building 21 DMZ.

Find a few more friends once you have the DRC Building 21 Keycard and get ready for the action. It’s almost impossible to do this mode by yourself. So, having teammates is pretty much a must. You will start out in one of many random places in the basement. From there, do the following:

How to get to the Weapon Case in Building 21 DMZ

  1. Get as fast as you can to the Data Center. It’s a big room on the first floor’s west side (basement).
  2. Once you’re inside, kill all of the AI soldiers who are guarding the room.
  3. Now, look at the servers to see which ones you can talk to.
  4. When the clock hits 11 minutes, one of your team members will have to hack the servers.
  5. Make sure to protect the player who is hacking the servers, as bots and other players will probably rush to stop you.
  6. Once the hacking is done, a message telling all players that the Armory Room is now open will show up.
  7. Go straight up to the third floor to the Armory Room. Try to stay away from other people and the boss (Wheelson).
  8. Lock the Armory Room’s safe and start drilling there.
  9. Again, all of the players will be told that drilling has begun. This will bring them and AI to where you are to fight you. At the Armory Room, you will have to defend your point of view.
  10. The best thing to do when the safe cracks is to wait 7 minutes before opening it. Then you’ll know which of the elevators will be the point where you can get out. If a player has the weapon case, everyone else will be able to see where they are. That makes you a very easy target, so it’s best to wait until you can open the Weapon Case.
  11. When the timer reaches 7 minutes, grab the Weapon Case and run as fast as you can to the place where you can leave.