BTS’ V Shares ‘RUN BTS’ Song Origins and Juicy BTS Tales

by Ekta

BTS’ V Shares ‘RUN BTS’ Song Origins and Juicy BTS Tales : Hey, K-pop enthusiasts! If you’re a BTS fan, you’re in for a treat. We’re about to delve into the intriguing world of BTS’ V, also known as Taehyung, and uncover the origins of the song “RUN BTS.”

V recently spilled the beans on this track and shared some juicy behind-the-scenes tales during an appearance on TVN’s “You Quiz On The Block.” So, let’s dive in and explore the story behind the music.

BTS’ V Shares ‘RUN BTS’ Song Origins and Juicy BTS Tal

Imagine this: the world is in the grip of a pandemic, and everything seems to be on pause. Even the global sensation BTS, known for their electrifying performances and passionate fandom, started feeling a bit numb.

The pandemic had brought the world to a standstill, and it was taking a toll on their creativity and emotions.

Despite all the love and support from ARMY (that’s you, the fans), the BTS members felt like something was missing. The spark that lit up the stage and their hearts was fading.

It was a moment of reflection for the group, a time to ponder their original purpose and the reasons they ventured into the world of music.

Reconnecting with Their Roots

In the midst of uncertainty, BTS decided to do something remarkable. They chose to reconnect with their roots, to rediscover the very essence of why they started making music in the first place. It was like revisiting the core of their passion and rediscovering the magic that drove them to become global icons.

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This deep introspection, fueled by their desire to preserve their identity as artists, gave birth to “RUN BTS.” This song isn’t just any track; it holds a special place in BTS’ journey. It’s a testament to their commitment to their artistry and their connection with their fans.


Now, let’s talk a bit about where you can find this gem of a song. “RUN BTS” is part of BTS’ first anthology album titled “PROOF.” Anthology albums are like treasure chests that contain a collection of the most precious musical creations. “RUN BTS” found its home here, nestled among other remarkable tracks that showcase BTS’ artistic evolution.

V’s Solo Journey

Now, shifting gears a bit, let’s talk about V’s solo journey. He’s been making waves in the music scene with his debut solo album “Layover.” During his appearance on “You Quiz On The Block,” V dished out some personal tidbits that fans have been craving.

One of the heartwarming aspects he shared was his upbringing by his grandmother. It’s these personal stories that make the connection between artists and their fans even more special. It’s a glimpse into the real lives of the idols we adore.

Recording at Jungkook’s Place

And here’s a fun tidbit: V revealed that he recorded part of his album “Layover” at Jungkook’s place. This little nugget highlights the camaraderie and friendship among the BTS members. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the bond that these artists share, which is something fans deeply cherish.

As V embarks on his solo journey, fans have been showering him with admiration and love. It’s a thrilling moment for ARMY to see one of their favorite BTS members take the spotlight and explore his unique musical path. V’s solo work is a testament to his versatility and talent as an artist.

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Wrapping It Up

There you have it, folks! The story behind BTS’ “RUN BTS” song is one of reflection, reconnection, and rediscovery. It’s a reminder that even the biggest stars in the world go through moments of introspection and uncertainty. And V’s solo journey adds another layer of excitement to the BTS universe.

As you groove to the tunes of “RUN BTS” and explore V’s solo tracks in “Layover,” remember that music has the power to connect us, inspire us, and take us on incredible journeys. So, keep supporting your favorite artists, and let’s continue to celebrate the magic of music together!

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